Friday, June 3, 2016


Today I signed the final paperwork to make my new ride mine.
I am to receive the table top desk that Velcro's on to the chair, on Monday for my additional ability to eat or use the laptop, and my also other add on, shade thingy, will be here within time.
It was suggested to add a rider/additional coverage to our homeowners for this very expensive addition to our family,  sort of, motorized wheelchair, costing 28K, covered by insurance completely, but when I got the additional cost of the premium and it was quite a hefty price... So I rationalized it will always be with me, my ride that is, so why bother? It has a five year warranty anyway.
And so that was our final decision, for now.

Moving on...

Hubby painted the bathroom that has the new shower, all is nearly done, just some moldings and around the mirror, as well as the install of the new sink faucet that matches the double rain heads that we traded in for the one white Moen single on the hose. The new chrome with one head that stays stationary, while the other has the hose for me, and a suction cupped chrome holder that can be moved according to where I feel I need it, the new corner shampoo, soap and conditioner dispenser has also been installed, again purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond with that 20% off coupon they send to you, and Hubby used another to also buy his cashews that he shares.
And yes, there is a savings, since I am one of those comparison shoppers and I have checked in the past.

Moving on again...

Get this, something I just found out that as a finders fee when you see a non-compliant ADA, Americans for Disabilities Act of 1990,  business, such as lacking all sorts of access via automatic doors, ramps or whatever anyone in a wheel chair or other assistive devices might need you can notify them, i.e. the ADA,, and receive 10% of 10K. yep 1K per incident, and it is anonymous, which is the fine the company might get if they aren't willing to comply, i.e. 10K.
To me it sounds like it could be carried too far, but it is true that even historic and so-called grandfathered in places are no longer able to use that excuse.
I don't know where I stand/sit, but it is an issue that I personally have had to deal with, many have ramps or easy to get to their door(s) but then when you get there if Hubby wasn't there I would have to bang hard on their door to gain access or roll away.
Yep, a moral access dilemma.
What would you do?

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...