Saturday, April 30, 2016

Something calming about weekends

When I worked before becoming this retired bum that I am I most always worked weekends, as well as most week days, rarely a day off whether working for myself or someone else.
And oddly enough since I have been this non-productive person of questionable substance I still think of weekends as what many working folks do as a time to refresh, gather your thoughts, do as you wish, choose your activities or catch up on homework/ housework depending on school or no school and necessities.
But oddly enough as this time has arrived in my life that my body has chosen a certain resistance to comply with a few of my heartfelt desires to do this or that I think and then I think again that I have to, need to do, or should do...but it has been done already by you all know who...yep Hubby!
Outings are on hold, but during this heat spell of nineties outdoor venues are not in my cards to do.
Indoor events are few and far between now with the Snowbirds back to whence they came.
So many things I have missed that I do hope I can go to once my new wheels arrive.
No, they have not come yet, the time line is longer than originally thought to be.
My neuro's office did fill out and return the fifteen page paperwork to Rick the chair man and he in turn gets it to Medicare and then they look it over and make sure all the t's are crossed and I's are dotted that was a bit of a delay due to my neuro's shorthanded office people so Rick the chair man only got it back this past Monday and then it is his job as I said to turn it over to Medicare for approval, Geez!
Then it takes ten to thirty days.
He had tried to get it done faster but he only can when he gets everything together from the doc OT and whatever else!
Again I find myself at the mercy of others.
I have been a card carrying type A personality all of my life, never a follower always having to be in charge, thus being in management or a business owner of three.
So depending on others is hard for me.
And until I became ill I never ever was anyone's dependent, I started working at age twelve and even bought my own clothes with babysitting money, even as Hubby's dependent sounds so weird and we have been married now for over forty-five years, but it had always been a partnership, ya know?
Now I am truly his dependent.
Even saying it makes me feel so needy and needing to be cared for...
But weekends are for so much re-gathering of thoughts, what to do with your kids, house cleaning, laundry, looking for something fun to do etc. and so go for it! The younger healthier me would.
That was a ridiculous statement!
Since my life expectancy is still about eighty, longer than either of my parents and the average for all Americans, but it's that quality of life that will be less than...
Please do me a BIG favor and click on the above site and read about Secondary Progressive Multiple sclerosis, and then I believe you will understand me a bit better? Thank you if you do and I do understand if you don't.

I gotta stop thinking negatively...that's better gal!
Soon as that ride comes out world; I'm going to be back into the world doing whatever that I can to bring joy into Hubby's and my life again! Ta Da!

On this note of knowing things will be changing... for the better, allow me to be the first one to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night, and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom, and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  

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