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Ahhhhhhhhh Asthma!

Confused in the respect that the medication, inhaler that I was given for COPD is fine for that but not for Asthma which I have now also been diagnosed with; in fact the same medication that helps COPD is lethal for asthma and yes I tried calling the doctor's office but they are gone for the day,
I have been on samples on and off for the last month, the off was for a week to see if it was truly helping and yes it seemed to be. They called my Humana RX for a ninety day supply and its on its way, as well as my Copaxone, from their Humana specialty department had called to tell me its on its way, yep all fixed with no co-pay, as usual.
Disturbing, is what I read about the new medication the inhaler that is not to be used if you have asthma, since you will have an increased risk of death from asthma problems!
So far I am still here.
I will call first thing tomorrow morning, but what do you say without sounding accusatory? Precarious situation, hmmm?
Are you trying to kill me? (…