Monday, March 28, 2016

Ahhhhhhhhh Asthma!

Confused in the respect that the medication, inhaler that I was given for COPD is fine for that but not for Asthma which I have now also been diagnosed with; in fact the same medication that helps COPD is lethal for asthma and yes I tried calling the doctor's office but they are gone for the day,
I have been on samples on and off for the last month, the off was for a week to see if it was truly helping and yes it seemed to be. They called my Humana RX for a ninety day supply and its on its way, as well as my Copaxone, from their Humana specialty department had called to tell me its on its way, yep all fixed with no co-pay, as usual.
Disturbing, is what I read about the new medication the inhaler that is not to be used if you have asthma, since you will have an increased risk of death from asthma problems!
So far I am still here.
I will call first thing tomorrow morning, but what do you say without sounding accusatory? Precarious situation, hmmm?
Are you trying to kill me? (Not going to break the ice with that one, only a hang up most likely.)
I think that you might have made a mistake? (Well, here's where we separate the truly smart people from the ones who always have to be right no matter what, a crap shoot, and a very possible loss of any communication.)
He's another specialist, a pulmonologist, most of these people are not willing to admit they could be wrong.
The man is a brilliant handsome youngish, (not anything to do with his credentials the handsome part, sorry about that and shame on me, and no I have no energy to be a cougar, really, and Hubby frowns on that anyway!) with an extremely pleasant personality, again no barring's on his capabilities as a medical doctor in his field who drives a Fisker:  Again nothing to do with his chosen profession.
Although, many of his kind have been known to be arrogant, so far he has not displayed any of those inclinations. So whew to that.
Still have no idea on how to approach the doctor appropriately with the actual safety information listed online as well as on their insert from the pharmaceutical company on their very own product!

Hubby made a comment and that made me think of a way to explore an opening line, maybe he, the doctor had said I have only COPD, not asthma?
Playing dumb, hard of hearing or just confused might work and stating I need to understand which is it that I have?
After all the medication did say it was to be used only for COPD.
Geez that could work.
Getting older has its benefits, makes us oldies more believable when questioning these youngsters in charge of our health and less accusatory and gets me and him off the hook, ya think?
I think we got a winner!

Moving on...

I did receive the two letters from the PA Daniel and my doctor explaining my inabilities but allowing the medical people know the reason why I definitely need an assistive device.
It sort of upset me reading how far downhill my condition has evolved.
I guess it is what it is, we all realize that at times we must adjust and accept.
Although, as I keep saying I am still here and as long as I am I will make noise, as much as I can, whether you like it or not!
So there! (I am sticking my adult tongue out at all of you!)

I keep plugging away and find more ways to get out and get going!
New ways to arrive there via transport with great mileage!
In other words a motorized wheelchair.

On that note of such is life, Que sera sera, allow me now to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and kindly ask you all to count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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