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We are all bombarding each other with posts of how we believe, or our

...interests in everything from hobbies to relationships to jokes to tests, nearly anything just about!
And I must admit with my wealth of Facebook friends, over forty-eight hundred and counting when I post hopefully the multitudes read it, I really do want you to really why else would I do that?
Or you either?
What fascinates me is who might actually let you know they read something that you posted, sometimes it's is the last person you would expect.
I can only imagine more than "like" something do read it even if they choose to keep it to themselves, law of averages and all, ya know?
Recently the post that I put on my time and shared with friends and public, I know sometimes an overlap, but it was a political post.
A very negative about our USA GOP leading candidate.
Out of the four people thus far who have liked it one male is from the UK, a female from Australia, another female from south New Jersey USA, and a male from north New Jersey USA.
I did not write the arti…