Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We are all bombarding each other with posts of how we believe, or our

...interests in everything from hobbies to relationships to jokes to tests, nearly anything just about!
And I must admit with my wealth of Facebook friends, over forty-eight hundred and counting when I post hopefully the multitudes read it, I really do want you to really why else would I do that?
Or you either?
What fascinates me is who might actually let you know they read something that you posted, sometimes it's is the last person you would expect.
I can only imagine more than "like" something do read it even if they choose to keep it to themselves, law of averages and all, ya know?
Recently the post that I put on my time and shared with friends and public, I know sometimes an overlap, but it was a political post.
A very negative about our USA GOP leading candidate.
Out of the four people thus far who have liked it one male is from the UK, a female from Australia, another female from south New Jersey USA, and a male from north New Jersey USA.
I did not write the article a real pro did, but that is not the point it is the content that hit home with me, thus my posting. I agree so whole-heartedly with this author's logic and information that I am once again going to post it here for not only the whole world but more importantly voting America will read before casting their vote for the wrong person. Please read:
I truly beg of you!

Moving on...

 I have been not having a good day or night of last, I was up most of it due to pain.
My spot/ location where my mole was removed for biopsy looks worse( via Hubby taking PICS so I can see it) in spite of the antibiotic and hurts more like a herniated disc than a small surgical procedure and even the band aid, ice pack, extra strength Tylenol use have not helped.
My head and neck also are once again misbehaving, and are all inclusive in the way that I have been feeling adding that additional 3, 4 punch to the other 1 and 2, got that?
Right now I can barely keep my head up without neck pain causing headache.
And guess what, more torture tomorrow, endoscopy.
I need it to get to the bottom, not a pun, since my endoscopy is the one from mouth to gullet, but my GERD and other stomach pains have seemed to not be helped anymore by the medications that I have been on for these last few years.
Many answers to too many questions over the next month or so.

I will bid you all a very safe, peaceful, happy and healthy good night, an I do believe you all know the rest...gotta go.

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