Sunday, January 31, 2016

Does anyone out there train search?

Made up term, by moi!
I look up one thing that I am interested in and it has links to more things either in the same info realm or another one that causes me to want to know more so on and on I go, ya know?
Gosh, am I an information whore, since I cannot get satiated, by always needing to know more.
But I suppose it is more like being addicted to the desire to have that knowledge of somethings, many things, like a drug?
Oh the "train search" concept, I stole that from those meteorologists' description of that which refers to that constant rain bombardment that had been occurring here for weeks most recently this month, and periodically for years in summers too, as our norm.
Rains originating in the Gulf of Mexico coming in in cells one after the other, thus the term training.

Any-who, the ability to be informed is so much easier than when I was a kid and I used to have to look up things in my World Book Encyclopedia or had to physically go to the library, boy how lazy I've become, hmm? You too I suspect.
We are now able to Google everything or speak with our smart phones and ask them or you name it; our world is an oyster that has been cracked into infinite informational pieces, and no one has that right/privilege to be dumb anymore, huh? Of course not!

Sure people will incessantly not know everything, but the possibilities to "know it all", literarily is truly possible, now how about that, Peeps?

I want so much to share with people what has been learned by me, but alas most also know so why bother truly.

Theoretically we as a race of beings, i.e. "Human" are capable of being all knowing; not unlike our futuristic dalliances into all those science fiction books/movies that most of us enjoy, a real and truly a wonderful WOW factor!
Have any of you thought about the ramifications of all of this?
No time; I hear you.
Busy, busy, busy, but Gosh all this quick link makes time not so wasteful or not so available, ya know?

Anyway, I have thought briefly about it all, as I bet you have too.
Maybe a bit more for me, since I do have way too much time on my hands... I'm just saying.
So if you ever find reading this at any point informative in that truest sense of what that means than I must divulge and admit I get it all, that is except my own ideas from the net to validate, update and confirm that what I say here is accurate and honest and what we all need to know, Okey dokey!

On that note of trying hard to get it all righty now, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask your all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...