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Where do writers come from?

We all think we know why people become police, firefighters, teachers, actors, or so many career choices out there, but why write?
Is it a cop-out?
Like some actors say, not being able to choose and allowing themselves to play at everything and anything, a taste, an allowance to try what all life has to offer?
In many ways I think it is; that is a simulated porthole into others' lives and instances and what makes them tick and be whomever of whatever causes them to be at that certain period, in an instant, day, week or infinite time span that somehow might touch any of us with an emotion of joy, fear, horror, suspect, love or concern, living precariously through them, but with the privilege of being able to walk away. 

Most of us experience that in our own lives anyway and never ever want to walk, although we can, but tracking trailing others and stories in someways makes it more exciting than without the fallout actually hitting home.

Oh that was my thoughts on journalists that I was…