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Self worth?

(*Again this posted before I was ready! Forgive and forget that premature-posted blog that has been deleted. In reality it was not written at all!) 

Is our self worth truly ingrained meaning born in us or taught some how, or is it something we must find after realizing that we are more than capable to succeed?

Many of us are lucky enough to live in loving families that continue to support us no matter what the outside world tries to do to undo or under-mind our confidence.

But as we grow we find that no one can change our minds of how we truly feel about ourselves and our place in this world and that the bottom line is that we are responsible for our own lives including handling its ups and downs.
Character is built from dealing with all trials and tribulations thrown at us as we go through this one and only life that we get.
Albeit many believe this life is one of many, if only...perhaps with much hope.

Moving on...

I am scheduled for the erg eye test in about ten days.
It is given to check …