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Old problem rears its ugly head again

Looks like my eye, righty, is not doing what it should be. 
I had been a week ago, Monday, in to see my internist for a yearly physical and hear about the results of my bone density that I had had per her orders and blood work too. Mostly all was well, although my triglycerides were still too high and we both agreed I would go back to using fish oil for that with my healthier diet and continuing exercise program, my total cholesterol was 161 otherwise, good. Even my A1c was down from 6.1 to 5.8 that tests your glucose, still needs to be down below 5.4 to be out of the woods for prediabetes. My cardiogram was fine, and done right in her the examining room for my heart. My bone density was very good too, just the continuance of slight, very slight Osteopenia, normal for my age.  
But she felt it necessary even with that lower A1c for me to go for a diabetic retinopathy test at my ophthalmologist's, the one who did my cataract, laser and other minor surgery all on my righty eye, just l…