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Keeping cool

And so we all have our little tricks in dealing with heatwaves, true?
People who live in summer-ville locations like I do, nearly all year long you would think have some great suggestions, and most of us do.
Although, we are very fortunate to have central air-conditioning as well as a swimming pool there are so many ways to contend with the heat when you might not have those items.
Cooling glasses of water, lemonade or other beverages without caffeine or alcohol are truly your best idea for cooling from the inside out.
Consider showering or bathing in cool water instead of warm or hot.
Electric fans that are portable will surprise you in their efficiency.
Iced neck rolls, and cooling vests work too. Always try to be prepared for those occasional summer outages, so far this year we have had a two hour one not that long ago. When all else fails go to an indoor venue that is air-conditioned like the mall or a movie theater.

You see, my experience is from when we had lost power for two weeks in…