Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Interesting little known fact or perhaps well known one is that the meaning of normalcy is the act of being normal, odd?
I thought I was the queen of redundancy I suppose dictionaries can be kings and queens of that descriptive form of explanation as well, deje vu too!
Who'd have thunk it?

Where was I, oh trying to give some credence to how my day went today, my redundancy is showing, oops... any-who moving on...
My day was as uneventful as one can get in that I did accomplish all my usual from food prep, doing laundry, waiting on my monthly delivery of my Copaxone by UPS and they did get it right this month we did receive it not a neighbor on another swimming with ROM exercises, relaxing with a few games of Solitaire as well as my hour of General Hospital, complete normalcy for me, yours may have been way different, but then that is YOUR normalcy.

Last night I decided to forgo the filler rerun of Hawaii 5-0 holding Stephen Cobert space on CBS for this fall from Letterman's retirement a few months ago, they keep running TV shows that I have seen, they started with the Mentalist finale ones then CSI the original and this week Hawaii 5-0. The other two were cancelled I sure hope the last wont be... anyway instead I tuned into Jimmy Fallon on NBC, always did enjoy him on SNL, but I had a weird loyalty to Letterman since Johnny retired and he moved into that opposite time slot from Jay.
So he had our old Gov on who is now running for pres, one of the many. He was not that cool a dude as his predecessors from his opposing party of the office he wishes to attain that his bro and pops have had. I will be one of the first to come out though and say, as I am nearly a flagrant Democrat but non-committal registration party-wise I did like him as our Governor he was actually pretty good for a Republican, ya know?
Nothing like his dad or his brother in so many ways, so I do believe it would be unfair to for anyone to compare him to them or think he was like them. He is very bright and honest to own up to mistakes but also capable.
Although, I am pretty sure I will be voting for his opponent on the other side and of the female persuasion, experience is my reasoning and being flawed but able to attain results especially with a spouse whispering in her ear what to do, maybe. Kidding, or maybe not??

The most ridiculous running candidate and sadly an enormous joke and embarrassment to his family is Donald Trump in my opinion. His announcement speech was ludicrous and I sure hope that someone taped it for him so he can scrutinize it while playing it back and if he is truly serious in running he aught to re-evaluate his plan of attack on every socially concerning topic that he thinks he will be changing and helping this country! He is so off on his thinking it actually scares me!
I think so therefor I am, and on that note of not much allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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