Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have."

Here we go again, a few night's ago we ordered, are you ready, sure you are ...from China City and we again must have looked like we were ordering for more than just us since we received for that order FOUR fortune cookies, although they know us for so long it could be they're just being generous?

Tonight I have an unusual problem for some reason I cannot recall which of us got which ones.
Old, you betcha and proud of it!
The older you get...well, let's face it you all know the alternative to NOT getting older, true? (For any of you youngins that might be scratching your heads the answer is DEAD!)
And yes I will be getting as old as I can that is if I am lucky!

The titled one is quite self explanatory I do believe, so I will let you just read it and agree.

Any-who, another one states, " What great things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail." This one is a little scary to me, you see if you never fail you never learn, in my opinion.

"Time heals most everything. Give it time, time."
Yes, with love loss or horrible days and some other non-lasting ills...In my opinion this is a wee bit cavalier, but you are entitled to yours of course!

"You have only begun to scratch the surface of your real potential."
Sure thing to all my friends and family we are all evolving no matter how old, so potential your potential!

1 : existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality <potential benefits> 2 : expressing possibility; specifically :.... of, relating to, or constituting a verb phrase expressing possibility, liberty, or power by the use of an auxiliary with the infinitive of the verb (as in it may rain

Thanks to: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/potential

Storm coming in gotta go, see ya!

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