Friday, April 24, 2015

No bears no forest fires no recent alligator sightings here

In the nearly seventeen years that we have been living in this particular Florida home, our third since moving here in August of 1986 we have not had to deal with those black bears that inland people have or forest fires near our home since we are on a saltwater canal or even on the other coast across from the ocean, but oddly enough we did have one alligator show up in our canal and they are not saltwater creatures, crocodiles are.

And yes, we are still in our dry season that promotes the possibility of forest fires and as I write tonight there is one about fifteen miles from here, to the north, contained in just a few acres.

All those who do regularly deal with bears in their garbage cans I feel for them and many agencies sadly now have euthanized many of the foraging bears, due to them returning to the homes for easy meals. Quite of few have gone through screen enclosures for swims in pools or finding snacks left in lanais, one even entered a home for Easter candy. But we are the ones who have encroached on their habitats not the other way around, although now they are getting even it seems. The governmental authorities have proposed a bear hunting season due to this, just like our alligator season, removed years ago from endangered to now having too many. We have seasons for invasive snakes and lizards too. It's a jungle out there, literally! I don't know what the answer is for it is too late to stop the building in these pristine areas, since it is done already.

Sure the president was right about global warming, he visited our state for Earth Day and his concern for our everglades going under water, totally changing those natural swamplands into Atlantic Ocean waterfront. It is scary and very interesting with the years until this all might come to pass being decades even possibly centuries away, and I have no idea what we can do other than what we have been told works. Ecologically we all should be aware and Google all info we can learn from for our future generations to have what looks as if it could be lost due to this generation being bad protectors or environmentalists it seems, but we have been learning as we go.

And then again the world changes daily, nature wise, and I think about all the pre-historic information that I read in school of the earth changing without humans upon it, or before technologies and modern inventions polluted the air and water...I wonder how come the world changed naturally so many thousands of years ago, many times, could it be the way it is supposed to be, even without our negative touch/interference?
You know I just wish I could figure out why that happened without me saving water, recycling, driving less or trying to do the right thing daily, when we weren't even all changed dramatically too?

Gosh I so wish I was a smarter person to help fix this future that appears to be so absolutely dark for our next generations, if only!

On this note of where is hope, I know its somewhere, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS again I did my pool thingy, another hour of ROM and I spoke with the nurse for my test next week, all done with personal info!

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