Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taking a breath...

And release!
Sure the little annoyances in life can make you angry, but why?

One of many New Year’s resolutions many make is not to sweat the small stuff anymore.

Sure we all have at one time or another.
I know that I am guilty of doing that way too often.
Today, oddly enough that first penny I sent to Florida makes me oh so Blue unhealthy insurance company due to causing unnecessary stress to their clients was subtracted from our account, and yesterday they subtracted the emergency penny from our checking account one! Now they owe me a CHECK for that overage, but I am NOT done with them. After they received my new monthly payment on December 31 2014 of $494.86 for the January 1st 2015 bill, and put me into delinquency for that penny or else to bring up my monthly premium up to $494.87 from that horrendous evil of me trying to gyp a multi billion dollar company out of their precious penny for an entire month. For shame for shame! Now they have two pennies, oh what will they do?
I say confuse the little do-gooders more with a plot and a plan; yes, evil thrives in this mind and body of the sick or is that sicko?
I will do as I had said and round up my next month’s premium to…$495.00, and see if I do that for the next five month, since after that I will be on Medicare, I will see if they will send me a check for the overages, Hmm? That should come out to sixty-five cents plus the penny originally sent 2X totaling and owing me a check for a whole sixty-six cents! We'll see how they like it? At least that will make it closer to a dollar than an effing stinking penny, true!
I am a kind and generous soul at heart, truly and willing to wait until I am ready to say ADIOS FLBL so cute in their minds?

F stands for “frankly I don’t give a damn” about “our customers”.
L “live for leaving” early from this damn phone that they make me answer when I don’t know anything to say except by rote or unreasonably without compassion.
B is for OH "BOTHER" I’m just "biding" my time until this Obamacare is shut down, hate these pre-existing cry babies.
That they have chronic ills or are dying or both damn aren’t we all…
L again is for OMG I am "lying" my heart out to shut these people up! I really could care less about their problems. If they had a brain in their head they wouldn’t have gotten sick without any decent insurance and now they expect us to pay their way…?

Just my subtle way of saying how I feel they have been treating me. Sure many are wondering why I went with them after the year I had with them… well, I had no one helping me and the clock was ticking so it was my bad, but I felt that by now that maybe just maybe they might know what they should be doing but boy was I so wrong! And again it's just for a few more months...

PS I still do not have a paper or email generated bill from them, although they did email me to tell me that they had received the penny! WOW!

I have no information tangible or otherwise, in my hands telling me what exactly my coverage is, it is a Gold account with a $3000 deductible for everything one time, but no breakdown on prescriptions, claims, doctors’ ect.… and it has been requested over and over again. PS Hubby has received that info from their Medicare dept., why not me?

Any-who, I am a person with enough time on my hands to see that whether we have no insurance with this new congress who wants it gone, sadly due to me being on Medicare in less than six months I will not be as likely to feel their wrath as so many others, and that is the sad part if there is no coverage for the masses like myself who were falling through the cracks due to preexisting or for so many other reasons…I will pray that people come together and think before they throw out the baby with the bath water. And yes that means getting rid of the whole thing, not literally throwing away any babies folks! They should tweak it and go over it with great care and save the good and fix the bad in my opinion, but we Americans who find ourselves in this precarious situation need some type of safety net and we have been tax payers in so many ways that many forget. From jobs to consumers to everything you can possibly think of, we are not all poor, although some are, and some are working poor, and others cannot work, so do not throw all reasonings into one basket, and find your compassion the next time you vote for a mostly heartless congress who has all their needs taken care of no matter what!

On that note or still hoping for hope, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know who and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new!

Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...