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Taking a breath...

And release! Sure the little annoyances in life can make you angry, but why?
One of many New Year’s resolutions many make is not to sweat the small stuff anymore.
Sure we all have at one time or another. I know that I am guilty of doing that way too often. Today, oddly enough that first penny I sent to Florida makes me oh so Blue unhealthy insurance company due to causing unnecessary stress to their clients was subtracted from our account, and yesterday they subtracted the emergency penny from our checking account one! Now they owe me a CHECK for that overage, but I am NOT done with them. After they received my new monthly payment on December 31 2014 of $494.86 for the January 1st 2015 bill, and put me into delinquency for that penny or else to bring up my monthly premium up to $494.87 from that horrendous evil of me trying to gyp a multi billion dollar company out of their precious penny for an entire month. For shame for shame! Now they have two pennies, oh what will they do? I say confus…