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Winner, winner...

...Chicken Dinner!
Oddly enough, it has been a heck of a day. I awoke at, would you believe 3:50 A.M.?
Sure I have done this before and it is usually only after I had tried without much luck to go back to sleep for quite a while, ya know?
I bet you do!
Why else would someone like me, a retired person need to get out of bed at that ungodly hour?
Any-who I did accomplish a lot, laundry washed and dried and put away all before Hubby awoke at eight.
Unfortunately, my coffee consumption has gone up most recently due to this very tired me; oh did I mention I have been also going to bed real early, like a child between eight and nine some nights… so it was pretty much inevitable that eventually I would also start waking up earlier too.
Not to mention the long afternoon naps, an hour and a half just today.
So in reality I am not sleep deprived I am probably attaining more than my fair share these days, hmm?
Skipper is such a sound sleeper next to me or Hubby and so, you got that right, and as if he is …