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Groceries to stock when hunkering down...

...Are a foregone conclusion, and it is not unusual for many of us when we live far from our usual basic needs we all have had a tendency to stock up.
Now we cannot claim that as our reasoning for any of our super purchases of the last few weeks except for the need to go out less and not eat out at all… save some bucks there, hmm?

And so Hubby went to our nearby Publix, less than two miles away, and purchased enough food to last us quite some time and he even cut the lawn today. I on the other hand took it upon myself to make Skipper’s favorite things as clean as the washing machine can make them, i.e. his soft stuffed toys as well as his Mommy blankets, translation: imitation sheepskin, in white of course just like him. In fact as a pup/baby he would fall asleep on them and with his eyes closed he would become practically invisible!

He has a stuffed Teddy bear, frog, bunny and cat that used to meow, as well as his rope toys, one store bought and one Hubby made. But that’s not to say all…