Friday, October 17, 2014

Groceries to stock when hunkering down...

...Are a foregone conclusion, and it is not unusual for many of us when we live far from our usual basic needs we all have had a tendency to stock up.

Now we cannot claim that as our reasoning for any of our super purchases of the last few weeks except for the need to go out less and not eat out at all… save some bucks there, hmm?

And so Hubby went to our nearby Publix, less than two miles away, and purchased enough food to last us quite some time and he even cut the lawn today. I on the other hand took it upon myself to make Skipper’s favorite things as clean as the washing machine can make them, i.e. his soft stuffed toys as well as his Mommy blankets, translation: imitation sheepskin, in white of course just like him. In fact as a pup/baby he would fall asleep on them and with his eyes closed he would become practically invisible!

He has a stuffed Teddy bear, frog, bunny and cat that used to meow, as well as his rope toys, one store bought and one Hubby made. But that’s not to say all of his Frisbees and balls and hydrant and fishy and on and on and on… all of his toys to enjoy whenever he feels the desire!

Who says the four legged ones don’t get spoiled like two legged ones?

Actually, they were added to over the years from his predecessors of course, thus the quantity.

Just imagine if we did have grand-kids? HA!

Hubby brought home from Publix their green brand of chicken breasts without hormones or any bad stuff and I put the two into the pressure cooker and with three Brussel sprouts heated in the microwave I gave our little darling, once all was cool, enough for him, which turned out to be a very large helping.

I was thrilled to see him eat so well, he actually consumed about half of the one chicken breast!

I read earlier in the day about vegetables that were healthy for dogs and the Brussel sprouts showed up with broccoli, cauliflower, edaname, avocados, carrots, peas, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, potatoes and asparagus! All things we enjoy eating too and many I did not know were safe for our four legged kids, except for the carrots, really!

A smorgasbord of choices now and so when we had another shared sweet potato with our dinner we both took some of it for Skipper, but he seemed to still be full from his healthy lunch.

Oh they list fruits too that I had not been so aware of either, apples yes, but not the others.

It appears that there is a direct connection between Skipper’s appetite and him needing his pain medication, a quarter of his Tramadol pill.

Hubby and I have a difference of opinion on how to tell that Skipper is in pain. I somehow can tell by how he moves and today when I went to tickle his side he yelped and so he got his every eight to twelve hour medication which he hadn’t had since yesterday at around noon.

He never complains; even so I am not clear on how to tell.

You see, he has been eating what we fix for him and his personal plumbing appears to be working fine without any accidents or blood appearing in them, he has asked to go out when he needs to. He’s sleeping quite a bit more than he has been in his most recent past, other than that he is doing okay!


If we had never gone to those two DVMs I would think it was just his older age catching up to him; after all he is nearly eleven, if you go by the old method of determining age that would make him nearly seventy-seven, true?

So sure he’s stiff when he gets up from his naps, but who isn’t?

He is as we so boldly say hangin’ in there!

And that’s all one can do in this sorrowful position that he is in, sadly.

We both love this little guy so much and he is so brave and powerful in the aspect of being so loving as usual to us with licks and snuggles…

It is sooooooooo easy to be in denial or to think that Wednesday’s diagnosis was just a horrible nightmare of a mistake?

Not unlike most that get these reports from any type of a doctor, we always hope it is untrue, and sometimes mistakes are made… perhaps?

On that note of going nearly off the deep end with denial, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share those overages with you know who and we will too !

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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