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Things that make you think twice...

Sure we all have them, things we do and wonder why after that we had done this or that.
Or there are times in life when a situation calls for quick decisions and than we might second guess ourselves, thinking now, why did I do that?
Sometimes we just don't have a choice in the matter when fast answers may be the only recourse in some cases, ya know?
And so after four and a half years of having had a cadaver bone put into my jaw why should I bother wondering if it had been responsible for any of my problems these days.

It had been a Sunday in November way back in 2010 when the pain was so bad that nothing seemed to be helping. I had the number of an emergency dentist, but up in Venice, a fifty mile round trip, there about. The pain was getting worse and no matter what Hubby or I tried changed that, and this from  a woman who walked two days on a broken leg, and had five pregnancies with three that were miss-carriages, which two were four and half months and no pain meds!
So in th…