Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things that make you think twice...

Sure we all have them, things we do and wonder why after that we had done this or that.
Or there are times in life when a situation calls for quick decisions and than we might second guess ourselves, thinking now, why did I do that?
Sometimes we just don't have a choice in the matter when fast answers may be the only recourse in some cases, ya know?
And so after four and a half years of having had a cadaver bone put into my jaw why should I bother wondering if it had been responsible for any of my problems these days.

It had been a Sunday in November way back in 2010 when the pain was so bad that nothing seemed to be helping. I had the number of an emergency dentist, but up in Venice, a fifty mile round trip, there about. The pain was getting worse and no matter what Hubby or I tried changed that, and this from  a woman who walked two days on a broken leg, and had five pregnancies with three that were miss-carriages, which two were four and half months and no pain meds!
So in this case this was not a wimp type pain, it was truly nasty!

Once at the facility, the oral surgeon, a woman, did her necessary x-rays and examination and determined that it wasn't just the tooth, a molar, just in front of my farthest back on that side gold molar tooth, (another story, another day), in the back on my left side was infected as well as the bone below it. My frame of mind was that I needed the usual, horror drilling of excising the infection out via a root canal. Heaven knows I have had a few of those in my past.
But oh no this was too far gone she told Hubby, who has become my extra set of ears even back then, and myself that I had three choices after she removed the infected bone to leave it and my teeth would move and my mouth would eventually have crooked bottom teeth, or she could install a plastic device inserted in the space, not unlike when knees or hips are replaced or my last choice was implant a cadaver bone that would grow into my own bone.

The pricing was according to the procedure and of course the last choice was the most expensive, and so uninsured gal, at that time, went for the one that wouldn't screw up my teeth positioning. I used my CareCredit card that is an eighteen month payment plan without any interest at all, yep! I used it once before that, for my first cataract surgery and the next time after this one was for Hubby's extractions and extensive dental work.
All were paid off long ago with not a lick of interest and nearly ten thousand dollars out of pocket for those three procedures!

Any-who, I was also given antibiotics of two different types; if I recall way back then.
And until today, oh maybe one time before when I watched the TV show Bones had a storyline about sick people's bones used by a crazy doctor who was infecting people with their contagions when supposedly helping them with bone marrow transplants!

And then today, I was watching a repeat show of the Chew, a cooking show with a guest, Robin Roberts, a news anchor and TV personality on ABC's Good Morning America. She said that she had been fortunate enough that her sister had donated to her, her bone marrow to save her life from cancer for the second time, she had had breast cancer previously and this time it had been Leukemia, and that due to her sister also having a sweet tooth and allergies now that she had her sister's DNA in her she had acquired those too!

It was more than likely a joke, but it made me wonder again...
Then I Googled the possibility of that or ills being transferred from the bones, ya gotta think it could be, true?
Relief, the practice of cadaver  bones being used in dental procedures goes back decades and is quite safe since all bones are tested as well as their donors and cleaned extensively prior to usage, whew!

 On that fascinating note of you can never learn too much, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a  very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, you hear?


PS I have not missed one day of enjoying the pool! 

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