Saturday, April 26, 2014

Partying is not in my body ... yet!

Sadly, my medication has not seemed to have worked as of today.
My pain level has been severe, causing Hubby to have become a total caretaker again for most all of the day.

The possibility of this being a Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation has made that on the list higher on reasoning's of what is going with me.
And this is due to my hands and arms being included in my numbness and pain my finger tips having those bump de-bumpy bump sensations and dropping and breaking my club soda cup this morning all over the floor when trying to take the medication; I ended up using my coffee cup over the counter, cautiously.
With my L3-4 herniation, I don't believe that would be happening or causing the upper body issues?

I awoke early again due to pain and felt at five thirty A.M. that I should start my prescribed medications of the 300 MG. Gabapentin and 20MG. Baclofen along with my normal intake of  Levorthyroxine 75 MCG. All was ingested then, and after breakfast was my second dosage of 300 MG. of Gabapentin that Hubby served to me in the recliner on a tray again after the multi-grain waffles and one turkey sausage patty, and that was at nine-thirty.

You would think after all that I would be feeling better, hmm?
This is my third day of getting back on all of it and so I do believe I will be needing additional intervention, perhaps IV steroids again?
And that is only if  I don't start showing some, at least a little bit, of improvement soon, true?

This is already getting old fast.
Oddly enough the only mail today was my Florida Blue Options (Blue Cross and Blue Shield) memory stick with a welcome letter dated February 2014 and the stick having a 127 page contract without one word of my financial responsibility of any of what it does or does not cover!
I am so happy that at nearly sixty-four years old it covers maternity and premies and all other necessary medical coverage that I would no longer need at my age, like surgical birth control etc., since I had that done a month after my third miss-carriage, and having thankfully two healthy children!

So much of what I am paying dearly for is covered, big time, thankfully, as it should be with minimal co-pays!
Not stated in or on the info sent, but online when I chose this particular policy at the Florida Blue site.

It is great since my co-pay for my cataract surgery was two hundred and that was for the whole shebang!
My in home physical therapy was zero co-pay and that was amazing.

Medications prices fluctuate by whichever pharmacy you use, but I have a ninety days' supply right now, for them all, at a little more than $100, for five prescriptions.

Well, if I felt better some of this would be  a reason to rejoice, but I am waiting impatiently for the 'feel better' to kick in.

On that note of me not too good about anything, allow me to anyway wish all of you a very hapy good night and kindly ask you to count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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Speaking My Mind: Out with the with the new! :                                                                                     ...