Monday, April 14, 2014

Now this is embarrassing!

Whatever was going on last night has passed, thankfully!

Redundancy in life's ills is ridiculous; bad enough I have that flaw in my writing, hmm?

Sure I did the right thing to conquer the problem and perhaps that is why it resolved.

I am one of those people that no matter what the issue I never put it on the back burner to possibly get larger and out of control; no, I nip it in the bud to reconfigure making more manageable or fix it entirely. Did that when in business and of course in the home so why not with my own medical issues.

Trying hard not to use medication unnecessarily, but when you know you have been diagnosed and what that diagnosis is and your symptoms are following that same criteria it is okay to go back to what the medical pro had told you I do believe. It's like anything in life that we are taught, and calling about those lessons when the need arises.

It's just so darn frustrating that my body takes so long to heal these days... I do understand it has to do with many factors, not the least age, chronic long term illness, and more than likely being out of condition. Sadly, that is sabotaged no matter how much I try to change that... I go back to the gym and end up sick every-time!


Today, I used my walker all the way into the eye doc's office from his parking lot!

And into Walgreen's as well.

The only time I did not use it, instead trusty Blue Belle picked the slack, was to go into Wally World for Hubby to pick up weed and feed and for me to find some cosmetics; eye doc gave me the go ahead for eye makeup again! Actually, it was Jill, his tech.

He also has me diminishing my steroid drops use, from three to two times a day, yeah!

Total heal time for me; the doc said, is anywhere from eight to twelve weeks…see it is my funky slow-mo healing powers that are not so great these days, oh well.. Yep, that’s what I want is to be all WELL!

You see, my sight is still odd to me and I was concerned, but both the doctor and Jill waylaid those fears/concerns.
I’m still blurry most of the morning and part of the afternoon, 
but by evening/night-time I am clear!
Impatience is my middle name, I suppose.

Moving on...

For someone like me with iffy tummy issues the best thing to most would be not to eat out, right?
Make it at home so you know what goes into it, true?

Well, I seem to throw caution to the wind daily or at least lately, weekly, and this time so far so good.

It’s crazy, and why we never tried this restaurant before is beyond me, truly!

But Morales Cuban Restaurant, just south of Harbor Blvd. in Port Charlotte, FL, and not more than two blocks from our home, see that is what I meant… so close, ridiculous?
Authentic Cuban cuisine; and we had been invited to a fund raiser there when I was so sick a few weeks ago and we had wanted to go until my ills changed it all.

So it was nice to see it for ourselves and compare on an item that Hubby and I feel that we are somewhat connoisseurs. Hubby’s experience with Cuban sandwiches are from Tampa and mine too as well for me, Miami and Orlando; since we were only kids when travel to Cuba was no longer a way to actually taste their cuisine, amongst other political reasons..."The Bay of Pigs", 1962, rings a bell, hmm?

And Morales' Cuban sandwich was perfection on a bun/roll and fortunately they have two sizes to chose from and we both ordered their mini, which by anyone's standards was plenty, just right! 

With a side of papas fritas, French fries that we shared, they brought us water so that we had for our beverages. Great for me refreshing my years of taking Spanish and having been to Spain, since the menu is in both English and Spanish, Castilian, the one taught to me in school, the noble one. 

You can eat in or take out and they have entertainment and dancing etc. at night and have the ability to cater parties; quite a magical place and so close.For more info call 941-627-9355.  

On that higher note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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