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Now this is embarrassing!

Whatever was going on last night has passed, thankfully!

Redundancy in life's ills is ridiculous; bad enough I have that flaw in my writing, hmm?

Sure I did the right thing to conquer the problem and perhaps that is why it resolved.

I am one of those people that no matter what the issue I never put it on the back burner to possibly get larger and out of control; no, I nip it in the bud to reconfigure making more manageable or fix it entirely. Did that when in business and of course in the home so why not with my own medical issues.

Trying hard not to use medication unnecessarily, but when you know you have been diagnosed and what that diagnosis is and your symptoms are following that same criteria it is okay to go back to what the medical pro had told you I do believe. It's like anything in life that we are taught, and calling about those lessons when the need arises.

It's just so darn frustrating that my body takes so long to heal these days... I do understand it has to do wit…