Friday, January 3, 2014


Am I the only person, in this day and age, that feels an odd exaggerated euphoria when they receive their earned monies deposited with their additional credit returned and available to make you able to pay all your bills?

Yes, we have two pay days monthly, the end of the month is Hubby's pension and then a few days later our social security and today our $505.45 duplicate monthly premium payment to Florida Blue, the one sent on 12/18/13, which was never received, but removed from our checking account was credited back into our account, thankfully. I had paid them Tuesday again with our credit card only to expedite the whole process, but February's will be paid with all my other bills again from our bank's bill pay, hopefully now with my policy number it will be directed correctly, hate to go through this again! You see, I pay off my credit cards monthly and I decided that this month's would not be paid until we received our credited amount of the one not received; got that?
For me it's a relief to know that all our bills are paid in full!
And we are even back on target for our savings, monies replaced, that we used about half of it with all our emergencies from December and also February's health insurance is set aside too!
I love it when it all fits into place so well; the only two bills left are the two that have not come yet, our cells', which is a mere $33.04 for both phones, and our water/utility bill that fluctuates from around eighty-two dollars and change to just over one hundred, due to usage, and of course groceries and Hubby did one of his many shopping treks today! We are so fortunate to be able to have quite a bit left over when all is said and done and to not feel desperate.
No, we are not rich by any means, but being frugal and careful we have been able to manage nicely these last few years.
With Hubby's yearly 3% COLAS for the last seven years on his pension and our social security with getting even their minimal erratic increases, ironically enough we are now making more than when we worked, weird, hmm?
Doing the HARP refinance of the house when our mortgage was upside down in April; meaning our market value and mortgage value were backwards, and now our market value since has increased by 30K, with the new mortgage at 3.75% fixed rate and even picked up in the lesser years than we had left on the old mortgage, which doesn't really matter since this is our forever little retirement home. And most recently, just this month, our escrow went down a few bucks monthly, we received a refund for that and our smaller monthly payments start in February; this month's that I paid New Year's Eve was the last higher amount.
So all is right within our little financial world and that does make ME relieved with inner smiles all over the place and Hubby just relies on me to make it happen he says confidently, since I am the one who studied business in NYC and managed them for others as well as our own.

So that is how and why I am so RELIEVED, but everyone who knows me knows that I am the one that when everything is going so well in her deep recesses of her soul knows something is bound to happen to change that false security, sadly... and so true and right, but we are ready!

On that note of bring it on, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with  you know who and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Stay warm to all; not just our northern pals; here, in Florida will be chilly too! Sure only the forties at night, but cold for us bloodless ones... usually gone six months after you move here, ha!

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