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You gotta love the state you're in when it has its priorities right!

NBC -2 News out of Fort Myers Florida: did two polls, one for whether or not Congressman Tres Radel should step down from his position due to admitting the fact that he pleaded guilty of possession of cocaine, in a sting, in our nation’s capital, of Washington D.C., on October 29, 2013. The question is still up on their site and currently it shows that 74% think that he should step down and 26% believe he shouldn’t. In another poll having not a thing to do with this one…is whether Medical Marijuana should be legalized here and the current results of that poll is 82% are for and around 16% against; YAY Florida, you finally got something right!!!!! Although, these polls don’t make laws, the only use for them is to show how many in our area of southwest Florida believes this is what should be…and for that I am oh so proud; small things, hmm? I’m easy…sometimes!
In other news… Moving on… is more like it… Saw the neuro doc today and guess what? That last refill for the step-down steroids meds is…