Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When was the last time...

That you had acquired something new in your life?
And I don’t mean disposables.
Food and their staples and clothing and jewelry don’t count.
I mean something more exotic or demure or tangible, possibly with breathing; and that is to you only?
Perhaps, you could attribute what I am suggesting to a living creature, a friend, a significant piece of your memories?
Who isn’t tempted daily by all those sad faces on those commercials of homeless… four-legged babies?
And all our socially aware pals on these socially media sites posting from their local Animal Welfare Leagues or shelters, or Humane Societies…
I too have had my heart broken in a split second online or in a minute segment on TV?
But since I have had all my medical issues and realize that one pet, if healthy can cost as much as a few thousand dollars a year between food and grooming and medical bills for just those yearly shots!
There was a time, long ago that we did have quite a menagerie of three dogs, two cats and our cockatiel too all at the same time!
I always made sure that their vet visits were spread out throughout the year, but in those days I don’t recall them being that expensive and they all had those important shots and yearly check-ups! Forget the never desired medical issues; we had one Yorkie with cancer cured twice with medical intervention and surgery over a few years period, but sadly became terminal from complications of another illness due to her medications, and died at sixteen, Brandi 1988-2004, was named for Benji’s mother. Our first cat as a family was Puffy, a gray and white domestic short-hair that was as soft as a powder puff thus her name, 1979-1992, had lymphoma and for five months she went in for IV treatments and heavy medication, and lost half her weight from an eight pound cat down to a four pound cat and the vet said she was not getting better and at thirteen she was euthanized. Benji, 1984-1998, should have been up their before Brandi, his was sudden he had syncope that was his only symptom until the ex-rays showed his tumor in his nasal passageway and the doctor said that there was a doctor up in St. Pete and so while Hubby was at work I drove those hundred plus miles with our dear sweet darling Benji periodically falling over in our truck, like those fainting goats, but they are otherwise healthy, as I made my way up to the doctor who was said to possibly be able to save him! When we arrived at the office, she, the specialty vet, looked at all those ex-rays and tests and did a few more and we waited for her conclusions…It seemed like it took forever and when she came out she said that over the years when she had seen cases like his they were extremely painful, Benji was a trooper and never ever complained! And when I asked her what would she do if Benji was hers, she said that she would let him go… and so I called Hubby and told him what was going on…He said his tearful goodbyes on the phone to him and I said mine as I held him for his last breath as I did for almost all of our loving pets…
And our dear Benji, who had the brains of the movie star one that he had been named for and the calm of a Snoopy, was going to be gone forever…since his suffering was more than any of us could bear for him as well…
Casey our long haired orange Tabby1996-2009 was given to us by our son when he left for the Navy, he was his and his girlfriend’s and when they broke up he got custody of his and Andrew’s from Hurricane Andrew 1992- 2001 the Collie Shepard mix companion and friend to them both.
Casey also died from a hideous cancer their story was told on my blog from that date…:

Mandy 1992-2001 our black and white feline, also a domestic short haired wanderer, who somehow a few months after Puffy passed away wandered into our garage, although, I think she was placed there purposefully, due to a friend of a friend knowing how sad we all were on the passing of Puffy!
Mandy had again every year her normal inoculations, but sadly had kidney disease from about age five years old and it was inoperable according to our vet on the other coast here in Florida, she lived till she was nine years old, but passed away at home with us here, in this house, on this coast.
And of course how can I forget Charlie 1979- 2010, our cockatiel broke our heart too when he passed away at thirty-one years old, way past his life expectancy of twenty for his species, the only one buried in our back yard… the others were all cremated and a couple of them we still have their ashes…
Anyone who has lost a pet knows what I am talking about…too hard to go through again…

I try hard never to think about if Skipper would get so very sick, I wipe it from my brain… but now you know why we haven’t taken on more than we can handle emotionally or otherwise… Geez Hubby and I both had pets as children growing up and I didn’t go there, but most of you know what I am thinking… it is hard since they all are part of your family…and loving memories do not leave any of us, whether it be the four-footed kind or the two legged kind of death, it’s oh so sad…

On that note, a real downer, sorry!
Darn those commercials and postings… in truth I want them all, but cannot do what I would love to do… give them a loving home.

Count all those blessings kindly and share those overages with you know who and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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