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My bad!

I was thrilled with the possibility of getting the care that I needed via a physiatrist, but again I was oh so wrong!

Sure they help people with problems such as mine, but are also subtitled pain management physicians, thus my realization of my very BIG mistake, again.

Their methods are pretty much the same as all in their profession they stick you with narcotics in the necessary locations and you feel all so much better temporarily until the stuff wears off!

And so once again I have had my life come full circle with stupidity leading the way.

Odd that I went to my internist asking to get off of some of these meds since they make me feel like a drug addict and she said that I should speak to my neurologist let’s see she prescribes four now five of them and my neuro prescribes three, not counting my eye doc’s one and my gastro’s other one too…interesting.

It’s true the neuro’s are Copaxone, Baclofen and Gabapentin.

The internists are hydrochlorothiazide, Lisinopril, Simvastatin, Levot…