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Ta Da!

I keep getting the message on the Google blogger page that if I leave the title blank, here it is, “Required field must not be blank Ignore warning.What do you make of this? It is a new happening. But it never says what would happen and so I wrote “Ta Da!” in the title space to make it calm down, it’s scary when it says that! It removed the threat as soon as the gods were fed with my arbitrary entitlement to embellish my blog’s beginnings? And I am not one to fool around with my host’s requests; ya know what I mean?
So I suppose now that I have given this evening’s blog a title I should run with that and list some things that create that type of a response, okay, are you all ready? The sun is shining and so far no rain here! Ta Da! I am sitting at this wonderful techno marvel without any glitches happening tonight for it’s working just fine! Ta Da! My ability to sit here is just right, with no problems with me either, at this time! Ta Da!
Hey, this is fun; maybe you could play the Ta Da! G…