Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Down under?

I truly love all people and respect their ideas of who they are and why they believe what they do believe. But I don’t have to agree with what they believe in, do I? Today, well, really late this afternoon I was having a back and forth messaging with a Facebook friend in Australia, a woman, one of my first boyfriends, at the my age of fifteen, he was eighteen, was from there, Sydney, if I recall. He turned out to be a little off, odd, not right with this world, scary since he was in pharmaceutical school at the time. And I do believe that is his vocation today, and yep it is, I Google him with his unusual name it was an exact science. Where was I? Oh, the young woman who proclaims to be a woman of science, a nurse, recommended I try a metaphysical site to help myself with wellness. I suppose she does mean well and is still speaking to me while I write this. But I am definitely fearful of all charlatans and have been warned heartedly often by others who had the sad experience of being taken! Try this, try that, unfortunately we all know that common sense must prevail. And back to my experience with that fellow from Sydney, he met a wealthier than me gal, and he was a waiter at the Catskill hotel we were staying at and my father was a businessman who sent his wife and daughter to go there while he worked. This guy met a gal who was a brunette and chubby and he remade her into my image, blonde and svelte and married her! Yes, when I was introduced to her she told me. Apparently, her parents were much better off financially than mine. He also knew when Hubby and I were engaged and asked me out on a date and this was after he was married! Of course I did not go. Any-who, I friended a gal from New Zealand a couple of years ago who ended up calling me here in Florida, I thought that was nice at first, but she did it few times and it just got weird. Then she told me fantastical stories about herself and then I felt the need to unfriend her and so I did, and blocked her and whatever else it took to prevent her from speaking to me! Also way off, she had been hospitalized for her mental illness many times. Down under? Under where? A rock? I think as much as my boyfriend from Sydney looked like a Beatle and spoke like one too; who at fifteen could tell the difference between a British accent and an Ausie one, truly? I will always have a soft spot in my heart for all those who live down where the criminals were kept, but somehow knew a way to change it all into an area marvelous movie filming sites for Americans and all others to use! Nature, they know how to do it with style! Not to mention quite a few excellent singers and actors etc… and of course Ellen’s spouse Portia all from there! Even one of our country singing guys Keith Urban and his wife that everyone knows better as Nicole Kidman and lest us not forget, Russell Crowe, one of my all time favs Hugh Jackman...and many, many more...Olivia Newton John...! What a place! Saw Nikki, Kidman that is, when she was just dating a kid named Tom Cruise back over twenty years ago in Daytona at a bagel and yogurt shop; they were filming Days of Thunder there at the time! On that pleasant note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know who and we will too! And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?! PS thanks to my old crush from elementary school messaging me while writing this too that he just went past my old house in Paramus and had memories of those days…he didn’t say bad or good…facetiously I gave him my other addresses to go past where I have lived since then… haven’t heard back from him since; he might have not realized how my sense of humor has graduated into a bit darker side over the many years? Or he could be doing what I asked and hasn’t had time yet to let me know? LOL!

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