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Down under?

I truly love all people and respect their ideas of who they are and why they believe what they do believe. But I don’t have to agree with what they believe in, do I? Today, well, really late this afternoon I was having a back and forth messaging with a Facebook friend in Australia, a woman, one of my first boyfriends, at the my age of fifteen, he was eighteen, was from there, Sydney, if I recall. He turned out to be a little off, odd, not right with this world, scary since he was in pharmaceutical school at the time. And I do believe that is his vocation today, and yep it is, I Google him with his unusual name it was an exact science. Where was I? Oh, the young woman who proclaims to be a woman of science, a nurse, recommended I try a metaphysical site to help myself with wellness. I suppose she does mean well and is still speaking to me while I write this. But I am definitely fearful of all charlatans and have been warned heartedly often by others who had the sad experience of bein…