Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art Sensation12

The 22nd Annual Charlotte County Arts Festival was yesterday and today. It celebrated local music, art and culture. And was a lovely way to spend part of the day. Now I will to try explaining it, since I foolishly left my camera at home and although our phones also have the ability to take pictures we had the send to the home computer part not activated, oh well, and many times they ask you not to take photographs due to them not wanting others to steal their ideas or somehow ruin their paintings... so I’ve been told. Sometimes words will have to do when pictures are not available, so bear with me… The exhibitors were many and I do believe most mediums were represented by Judi Roth and Barbara Basheer, pottery showed us unique and functional glazed earth tone pieces. Kids’ Art Tables were full of wild animal and other creatures in a Papier Mache medium and original acrylic paintings and crumbled paper designs of flowers and so much more. Susan Shore a metal and apoxie, not the stinky epoxy, this has no smell what-so-ever and hardens after about three hours, sculptor, and she teaches at our Punta Gorda art center; as many of the people that were here do. Mary Taglierie, realistic acrylic and oil interpretations. Maryann Artesia, showed us her watercolor designs. NuturElleChic Firefly Design Studio Dianna Rhinehard, provided us with not only jewelry but Collages as well. Peace River Woodturners and the Charlotte County Woodcarvers, proved to all that wood sculpts into beautiful functional pieces that appear at a glance as fine art, oh wait some were just that! The entertainment consisted of the local high schools and Charlotte Players and a singer, Pam Keller… Unfortunately, it would take the two days to see it all, since it started yesterday and is over today…and we did not get the full affect. So many, many more…. A must see for next time. I have been going to these for as long as we have been living here, nearly eighteen years this January, they have had them at Edison College and the Sports Complex and Fisherman’s Village and now at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, always new and fresh with local talent. PS my Facebook friend, Lee, was brandishing a booth too; for he is the director of the Charlotte Chorale… I did not stop to chat, since he looked busy, but I did say hello and moved on… We are now in the action months of the years when the snowbirds usually come down and so all events get going for the crowds…but I wonder with the devastation from whence many come from will they be more likely to be here or want to be there? Only time will tell. See even though we all try for escapism from the horrors of reality with distractions of the wonderful kind; it all comes back to our concerns for others… So on that note allow me to be the first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you kindly to count all your blessings and share all your overages and we will too! And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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