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Art Sensation12

The 22nd Annual Charlotte County Arts Festival was yesterday and today. It celebrated local music, art and culture. And was a lovely way to spend part of the day. Now I will to try explaining it, since I foolishly left my camera at home and although our phones also have the ability to take pictures we had the send to the home computer part not activated, oh well, and many times they ask you not to take photographs due to them not wanting others to steal their ideas or somehow ruin their paintings... so I’ve been told. Sometimes words will have to do when pictures are not available, so bear with me… The exhibitors were many and I do believe most mediums were represented by Judi Roth and Barbara Basheer, pottery showed us unique and functional glazed earth tone pieces. Kids’ Art Tables were full of wild animal and other creatures in a Papier Mache medium and original acrylic paintings and crumbled paper designs of flowers and so much more. Susan Shore a metal and apoxie, not the stinky…