Monday, August 27, 2012


Sadly, my heart breaks for those who have no sympathy or realization of what anyone who actually went through a disaster knows. I suppose those of us, who have, you can say that we all have insider information.
People all day long have been making jokes about our being lucky over here in Charlotte County and that ISAAC did not cause many problems or any devastation and for that I too am very thankful, but that all the warnings were in the end for no good reason, merely hype. Oh I dare to say those protocols were met and needed!
To that I say BOORAH!
People, who have not been through the horror of having your home ripped from you as you stand within it, are lucky for sure, and I do not wish any of that on them…
But to have the lack of understanding or caring for that possibility or understanding for any of us who did experience it and how that affected us forever, must have a real mean bone in their body, I think.
Post traumatic stress disorder is no joke, and many of us have that.
Is it only acceptable for soldiers, no is not for any of us, no matter how it befalls us!
Why, even my own brother had PTSD from being a Medic in the Air Force until the day he died, when he had been stationed in Seoul Korea during the Korean War, he was nineteen years older than me, and he lived to seventy-six and all those years he was in and out of VA hospitals all of his life. I started visiting him in the D.C. when I was only five years old my parents took me, not a good idea in the long run. It was not any different than the movie Born on The Fourth of July that Tom Cruise was in… horrors for a young child…perhaps that explains some of why my childhood was really rough.
Thus my hatred of wars, but never ever soldiers, and I do also hate weather systems that cause people to die or suffer as well!
Many people know all this about me, since I spew all of that nightly here.
Handling things, difficult circumstances are not my strong suit; I had no one to teach me. My mom flunked that too.
I know no excuse, but let’s just say that at one time I knew a little how to make the best of a bad situation, but not anymore… Why I made coffee on a tenting trip to the Delaware Water Gap, when our matches were soaked and still raining on me as I worked so diligently so Hubby and I could have a daily dose of Java, I used the Girl Scout in my memory by rubbing two sticks together and some flint was involved and whoosh fire! I think…gosh, folks that was like forty years ago!
But I needed something and I was able to do it, and that felt really good, and also for years helping others…
But put me in the heat these days with my heat sensitivity and other health issues and you would much rather be stranded on a desert island with no sunscreen, no water, and no food than me!
Complaining so much that you would either kill me or yourself to make it stop!
And so fear of no utilities and all that devastation is really what makes me scared these days… so sorry!
And my heart is already crying with worry for those other Gulf Coast people!
Yes, I am happy that not too much happened here, although some areas south and east of us got more did get some thing more, and it was not good, you fools!
Think, before you say what you have, it’s nice to be happy for your good luck but be a little bit more sensitive to others who may have not been as lucky, that’s all I am saying and try hard to think and put yourself in their position and learn a little compassion!
And grow up!
It’s those stupid jokes about death or racial horror ones that I can’t stand either!

I am an old BITCH, and don’t you forget it! (OOEEE MY CRINGED FACTOR IS IN OVERDRIVE!)
Hope you all heard that!

On that telling it as I see it once again, allow me to wish you all a very happy safe good night and ask you kindly to count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

PS cavalier in the sense I was using it means: "careless, nonchalant, blasé, flippant, negligent, arrogant, haughty, cocky, inconsiderate, disdainful"
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