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Sadly, my heart breaks for those who have no sympathy or realization of what anyone who actually went through a disaster knows. I suppose those of us, who have, you can say that we all have insider information.
People all day long have been making jokes about our being lucky over here in Charlotte County and that ISAAC did not cause many problems or any devastation and for that I too am very thankful, but that all the warnings were in the end for no good reason, merely hype. Oh I dare to say those protocols were met and needed!
To that I say BOORAH!
People, who have not been through the horror of having your home ripped from you as you stand within it, are lucky for sure, and I do not wish any of that on them…
But to have the lack of understanding or caring for that possibility or understanding for any of us who did experience it and how that affected us forever, must have a real mean bone in their body, I think.
Post traumatic stress disorder is no joke, and many of us have that.
Is …