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Non-descript, is a word that is something that means nothing, oh alright, maybe since it does actually mean: unremarkable, ordinary, unexceptional, dull, uninteresting, commonplace, characterless, and lastly, plain.

We all know that when we describe something without ornamentation, lacking frills we might call that inanimate object or dare I say, animate person, Non-descript, true?

Most have heard the expression ‘Plain Jane’, fortunately, over the years no one that I have ever met with that name was really very plain, although, to be honest, I can’t seem to recall meeting any Janes over my many years, hmm, curious? Perhaps, they were just that, plain, so therefore, not memorable?

Well, back to my point, utilizing a word, such as NON-DESCRIPT, in the proper context, it is not that difficult, boring comes to mind, but is not included in the above definitions…We all know though that there have been times that we have been to a home or a business or a meeting or met another human being an…