Friday, August 3, 2012


Non-descript, is a word that is something that means nothing, oh alright, maybe since it does actually mean: unremarkable, ordinary, unexceptional, dull, uninteresting, commonplace, characterless, and lastly, plain.

We all know that when we describe something without ornamentation, lacking frills we might call that inanimate object or dare I say, animate person, Non-descript, true?

Most have heard the expression ‘Plain Jane’, fortunately, over the years no one that I have ever met with that name was really very plain, although, to be honest, I can’t seem to recall meeting any Janes over my many years, hmm, curious? Perhaps, they were just that, plain, so therefore, not memorable?

Well, back to my point, utilizing a word, such as NON-DESCRIPT, in the proper context, it is not that difficult, boring comes to mind, but is not included in the above definitions…We all know though that there have been times that we have been to a home or a business or a meeting or met another human being and in our heart of hearts felt that it or they were, Non-Descript, meaning not memorable perhaps another possible definition?

You know, over the last few years that I have been writing this blog, actually, four this past June 25th. I have felt that in order to become any sort of a wordsmith, now someday remind me to venture into the true meaning of that term okay?

Moving on, with the topic at hand… And yes, that’s right, I felt the need to investigate, okay, well not really investigate, since that sounds more like a detective than a writer, although that is not that dissimilar since research therefore investigating is part of all good writing, hmm, as I hope to become after this journeys end… whenever that may be, more than likely when mine ends too, my life’s journey that is…ha!
Why writing is an ageless craft, and the only criteria, is to have somewhat of a viable brain of thoughts that are coherent or not really as I just realized after careful thoughts of my own… Many greats, writers/authors that is were known to enhance their writing abilities with alcohol, and drugs some of the most memorable ones that if I verbalized or wrote them down right here… their names you would instantly know their works, hmm, well, good for them and me too!
Prescribed drugs that is for me and a couple of glasses of wine fairly regularly for me too… Not too bad for most, and your heart and blood pressure adores that!

Any-who, back to why I should care to investigate any words we might use in the English/American language, which as many know is a bit different from other English speaking nations, true? If nothing else, while in between the Olympic contests the discussion of typical British English words and terms have been discussed.
And if you even listened a little or had the good luck to have visited there in person, that I had while a college student you would realize although we both speak English, ours and theirs can be quite dissimilar at times…

Thus is why my real distinct interest of word derivations or origins, I find quite fascinating, truly!
And so I appreciate most all of you bearing with me when I go on these tangents…
To me it is exciting; for you I have no idea.
In my feelings of this practice, Gosh I now sound like a lawyer or doctor, practice, hmm, maybe next time… too many definitions for this evenings deductions or conclusions of why and what for…ha!
I will periodically take on one word or one expression or one term at a time, purely for my own entertainment but if you at all find these short excursions tickling you too, than let me know; otherwise as I have said before keep it to yourself, okay, as always, no answer necessary.
Oh dear, how I do go on when I venture into this realm, and have I made my point yet?

It must be somewhere in the body of this drivel and since you might need a respite from your own trite happenings read back and see for yourselves… the search might give you time to pause about your own life’s journeys…and that would be thinking in retrospect of what anything means to you in your past, present or future and for that I would be extremely happy to be responsible for, for we all have that writer within us… if we think it, we can write it…

On that thoughtful concept allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you kindly to count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

PS On topic; we had a non-descript kind of day, got it?

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