Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

Unnecessary aggravation once again, wouldn’t you know it?
Whatever is she talking about? Yes, Tobi, what are you speaking about?
Okay and so I will tell you, but you must listen closely…
Well, this older friend, and easier to contend with familiar body was here all of the time, I just did not realize that I had access to it; now, how about that?
Still no clue of what I am referring to?
Okay, than I will confess I have felt your curiosity burning a hole through this mechanism, my personal techno marvel; are you all ready?
YES! I think I hear you say…
Are you sure? SURE AM!
Sure you are…
It was here all of the time; right before my very eyes if I only looked more carefully I would have noticed the option… to return to…the original FORMAT!
Aha, you say, nope, you didn’t say that, did you?
Simplicity is once again at my fingertips with paragraphing as it should be and a neater and more uncluttered look to behold, TA DA and HOORAH!
If that guy in the CenturyLink commercial can think that they, i.e. their product, are a gift from above, why not me, I say! And I was not blasphemous at all, using the word, ‘behold’, I think, just creative, hmm?
And I am more than sure that biblical words were written to be utilized in massive population in our general language, or not.
Nah, yep they were! COOL!
And so I did.
Frustration on now what to discuss tonight… oh, well, Hubby may have a slight glitch in his plans, since his doctor’s office called and want to see him before he starts any oral surgical procedures and so now he will be going in there, before he goes through any of it!
I think it is a good idea to be safe not sorry.
We both tried Googling info on the Novocain causing a rise in the blood pressure and this time Hubby got the goods on the matter from a dentist online.
Yes, it does appear to cause a rise for only minutes, or it even could be blamed on white coat syndrome, which many suffer from, but making sure is always a good idea, and so he will.

Moving on …
Another ole chum from further back in my life, from when I was mere year and a half old, Mary, my friend oldest of eleven. The one followed in her Mom’s footsteps with a career as an R.N., is undergoing an unusual surgery tomorrow “for what we hope is just a goiter in a strange place, leaning on her aorta, top of lung and esophagus.”
So her brother Joe has told me, and I sent to him a message to give her that she would be in our prayers and also to send her our love too, and I would hope that all of you would be kind enough to do that too?
She is a wonderful woman besides her vocation who works in a “wonderful loving nursing home with the elderly; she is very happily married for 42 years, has 4 wonderful children, 2 boys, twin girls, 2 lovely daughter-in-laws, and 8 gorgeous grandchildren. She is blessed!” I paraphrased her own words from her Facebook page.

We have helped a ninety-one year old survive with all your prayers and love espousing voraciously and so this gal who just celebrated her birthday yesterday who is my age of consent, needs to be around for a very long time to do what she does so well, and that is being a loving and generous human being! So help with your prayers they are free, okay?

On that demanding need for your help, allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

PS and Hubby could use a few too, but don’t let him know I said that, okay; it’s just between us, alright? Shush all…!

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