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Surprise, surprise!

Unnecessary aggravation once again, wouldn’t you know it?
Whatever is she talking about? Yes, Tobi, what are you speaking about?
Okay and so I will tell you, but you must listen closely…
Well, this older friend, and easier to contend with familiar body was here all of the time, I just did not realize that I had access to it; now, how about that?
Still no clue of what I am referring to?
Okay, than I will confess I have felt your curiosity burning a hole through this mechanism, my personal techno marvel; are you all ready?
YES! I think I hear you say…
Are you sure? SURE AM!
Sure you are…
It was here all of the time; right before my very eyes if I only looked more carefully I would have noticed the option… to return to…the original FORMAT!
Aha, you say, nope, you didn’t say that, did you?
Simplicity is once again at my fingertips with paragraphing as it should be and a neater and more uncluttered look to behold, TA DA and HOORAH!
If that guy in the CenturyLink commercial can thi…