Saturday, February 25, 2012

This week...

The stock market took a much anticipated upturn due to another bailout; not here though in these United States but in Greece! Hooray for them!
And as soon as it broke the 13,000 mark it went down again, just a shorty trip below, as if to say that I am not quite ready yet, hmm?
Teasing, like that went on the next day too, but then it did a short downturn of only, 1.74; really who could complain about that? But down is down and people are fickle, and am I the only one who knew if we waited long enough it would turn around, again? Who said history doesn’t repeat itself, is not from this planet, hmm? Or do you and other speculators want to chime in or is it the reality that the time factor involved still upset your apple carts?
Come on folks, we all knew that when things hit the bottom they have nowhere else to go than up, true?
Like the housing market, I heard about it also this week, it too has been doing better, not such a glut of homes to be sold, which will leave more possibilities for new construction, and therefore more jobs!
Things do turn around in life and in my not too clear memory most times intervention is needed but then sometimes it is just a matter of wait and sees; and sometimes it rights itself.
That is not to say that there is any rhyme or reason to how it all works and as I just said sometimes involvement is needed, by influential capable people.

I find it fascinating that now our current president’s approval rating has gone up. But I don’t blame you naysayers for not trusting him, you mostly all voted for him and at the time felt that you could trust him… but you wouldn’t believe when he said that our houses of our government were fighting him at every turn that he tried to accomplish what he had promised all of us…A CHANGE, for the better…now don’t you all feel ashamed?
Sometimes holding your own is not as easy as some believe it should be… when you're dealing with mostly, GRUMPY OLD MEN, set in their ways!
And who could forget who their constituents really are, not those pork belly guys or the do me a favor and I will scratch your back too, but us little people who literarily pay them by voting for them or against them and with the taxes taken from our paychecks to make it so they can live in a customary way that only they can realize, but not any of us!
No worries for healthcare, no worries for paying their mortgages, term positions that make them untouchable in their employment…all their housing and transportation needs met and therefore their families too!
And them having retirement packages that make most of ours, those who have 401K’s look like pitiful excuses and asking themselves why would they want to live to a ripe old age, hmm; since they will never have enough to enjoy it!

But all that is about to change for the better since everything is changing for the BETTER!
Is it only me that I can see this on our horizons, the American dream for our children and their children is not lost any longer… IT WILL HAPPEN!
People will have healthcare, jobs and therefore homes and good schools and food in their fridges and all will be merry and everyone will live happily ever after! Sure it will happen… YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN, AND YES WE CAN!
Now this does sound familiar, where did I hear that before?

Moving on…
Now about me the last several weeks I have been not to forthright about my nightly headaches, before the last clobbering on the freezer door. My neck is in my cervical collar more days than not and my patch is still on my right eye…I am a mess! And I have upped my aspirin intake to five 81 MG. now and my tummy is paying by needing to take my Pepcid frequency has also increased from weeks without any to my two a day limitations…Gosh, my wrist has been swollen on my right hand and arms and head awake me at night, each screaming with a different problem. My head needs ice and aspirin and my arms are going numb not unlike my thighs do too… spasms are more frequent even with my 70 MG of Baclofen, and so I am not intermingling here as much as I would like to…
Right now my tummy is in agony and I already took my Dexilant and my Pepcid…oh joy it sounds like another early to bed night…sorry I am such a downer gal tonight and make that forgive, not SORRY, I promised I would not say I was sorry anymore for things that are not my fault!

Allow me now to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly to count your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?
PS I think the Pepcid just kicked in! And now that was just a matter of time too, boy, I had to wait? Now I got it why all of you too were so impatient, ha!

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