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This week...

The stock market took a much anticipated upturn due to another bailout; not here though in these United States but in Greece! Hooray for them!
And as soon as it broke the 13,000 mark it went down again, just a shorty trip below, as if to say that I am not quite ready yet, hmm?
Teasing, like that went on the next day too, but then it did a short downturn of only, 1.74; really who could complain about that? But down is down and people are fickle, and am I the only one who knew if we waited long enough it would turn around, again? Who said history doesn’t repeat itself, is not from this planet, hmm? Or do you and other speculators want to chime in or is it the reality that the time factor involved still upset your apple carts?
Come on folks, we all knew that when things hit the bottom they have nowhere else to go than up, true?
Like the housing market, I heard about it also this week, it too has been doing better, not such a glut of homes to be sold, which will leave more possibilities f…