Monday, February 13, 2012


Now, my expectations, at this age have dwindled, in the traveling realm.
That is not to say that I have not had my share of travel as a younger woman…Why as it says in my profile (Facebook) I have been to forty US states and eight countries and all of those were before I became a married woman!
But since that time I have been with my family to a few more, since we did enjoy camping up and down the eastern coastline of these fine United States! As it may prove, after reliable thought that some were actually duplications of where I had been before…ha!
But now as somewhat of a shut-in, I am honored to know that my viewers of my blog this extraordinary nightly product of my semi-dotty brain…but to my pleasant surprise, nightly, the world comes to me, via this drivel of my constant debasing need to produce…

But I digress… my point is that they come to me to read these fanciful thoughts of my own doings and goings and what-have-yous… how truly wonderful, I say!

It appears that many, besides me have way too much time on their hands too! AMAZING!
I seem to get regularly Europe and Russia as well as India, New Zealand and Australia, but on occasion Canada, Tunisia, Slovenia, The Ukraine, and Columbia, even Denmark… a genuine geography lesson for me…and on occasion there are a few that I have to look up that are not familiar and since it can all be ever changing!
And I do love it! That’s an understatement.
In the three and half plus years that I have been doing this even at my somewhat ripe older age I have been taken aback with the world’s acceptance of what I so enjoy doing…
How do I know if what they are using this for as an example of American elder culture, which this is not typical of, nor that similar to most Americans lifestyles in general… no, I am not ordinary or extraordinary in any way, shape or form…but I may be similar to someone else that you have met in passing or at work or perhaps a strange family member? That must be it? Or even just a bad English writing lesson, with so much grammatically incorrect usage, hmm?
Whatever the connection might be all I know, it is there…somewhere… and for that, I am extremely happy to know so you are all there too!
PS Tunisia is in Northern Africa, in case you were wondering…
Little island nations too have exposed themselves at times to whatever this is…
And I say that it is just TERRIFIC!
But beware this could become habit forming… I only wish…HA!
Trying to stay fresh and current is not as difficult as one may think…or not think at all; just do.
The process for all of this is almost like automatic writing as if there is another person inside of me tapping these keys, nah, got you! It’s just me…stream of conscience type creativity…not trying too hard to be coherent just to make simplicity out what is what in this world, mine, yours and ours…YES! That is it and don’t you ever forget it that this is OUR WORLD! And with that thought we should all know by now how small it has become with us all enabled to see speak and touch one another whenever we want…which could be good or bad or happy or sad, but being kind is just fine and never ever wastes anytime…and you know why because a PEACEFUL WORLD is ECONOMICALLY SOUND! No over expenditures on weaponry or hospitals to fix the lives that war causes to go awry or destroys totally, have you seen the cost of funerals these days?
We, as a human race want the same things, love, health, happiness, a roof over our heads, food, a job and an education, and the simplicity of gaining it all is in each and everyone of us! SO PLAY NICE! And we can achieve all that we so desire…for good, not for bad.

Geez, I just came the long way down from my infrequent soap box ranting, but you know something… it felt good to speak to all these nations as if I could make a difference and that would be really something, hmm? So now allow me to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you all kindly to count all your blessings and to share all your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya here?

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