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Now, my expectations, at this age have dwindled, in the traveling realm.
That is not to say that I have not had my share of travel as a younger woman…Why as it says in my profile (Facebook) I have been to forty US states and eight countries and all of those were before I became a married woman!
But since that time I have been with my family to a few more, since we did enjoy camping up and down the eastern coastline of these fine United States! As it may prove, after reliable thought that some were actually duplications of where I had been before…ha!
But now as somewhat of a shut-in, I am honored to know that my viewers of my blog this extraordinary nightly product of my semi-dotty brain…but to my pleasant surprise, nightly, the world comes to me, via this drivel of my constant debasing need to produce…

But I digress… my point is that they come to me to read these fanciful thoughts of my own doings and goings and what-have-yous… how truly wonderful, I say!

It appears that many, besides…