Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tool bars are not for sissies...

Is it just me or are there others of us out there who do not know or use all that their tool bars have to offer?

Call me crazy and I am sure many have, but, really do you?
My home or welcome pages have varied over the many years that I have been a proud in touch with the world Internet user.
And even before the World Wide Web. I was a computer Word Program peep with modems and nothing else. And so for many years the tool bar has been a so-called member of this family in as always in the reasoning of being there without much fanfare and just being. Yes, being there…sort of like an old maiden aunt that you don’t see that often…Gosh, that sounds so awful, but I bet you do get the gist of what I am trying hard here to explain, correct?
TOOL BARS are more complicated than those aunts though!
How, you ask?
I know you really didn’t but if you did… here’s what “I would probably say”, I know that should have been what “I WOULD SAY”, Geez, I am so much more decisive than that sounded; sorry…I’M NO WHIMP!
Are you ready?
I have a screen saver button that gives me the choices of my gallery, screensavers, wallpapers, mobile, screen studio, help and feedback, and lastly: REMOVE THIS BUTTON!
I think that one is the way to go since I have been online and mostly when I have used any screen they have caused my computer to run funky, but that’s just me, you do whatever works for you, ya know? And so that one is gone, like I just took the time and did that, wow how freeing not to see it constantly glaring at me asking if I wanted to screensave!
The next one says smiley central although it says when clicked on that it has an Internet Explorer Script error and so that one will be gone! It did not leave although when asked if I wanted to continue to run this script on this page, it asked me either yes or no and I hit no and oddly enough it is still there… I suppose I will have to come back to that one, hmm? Now the one to its right is Cursor Mania, although never ever used it is quite cute and who knows when I might feel the urge to wiggle and jiggle a new shaped cursor in wow multitudes of interesting silly styles!
And so it stays; see decision making isn’t so hard after all, hmm?
But wait there’s more!
I’m not done the last button in the row is My Fun Cards, you know I never noticed this one before but it does sound like I have been missing some great stuff right here on my own, very own TOOLBAR, why it’s a technological party-time, fun for all, who knew I was missing all this right here at my beck and call at will whenever my heart desires a fiesta in its soul! Whoopee!
Life is good, and this is the free fun stuff!
My menu says gallery main page, be a star cards, group cards, photo cards, card gallery, help and feedback, and again that almighty final choice to REMOVE THIS BUTTON?
Shall we? Or shan’t we?
A real cliffhanger and so I will leave you all with that question that all people have when not sure what to do…
Enjoy the Super Bowl, which had kickoff a few minutes ago… I sure hope my team wins!

On that other wondering moment, allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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