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Tool bars are not for sissies...

Is it just me or are there others of us out there who do not know or use all that their tool bars have to offer?

Call me crazy and I am sure many have, but, really do you?
My home or welcome pages have varied over the many years that I have been a proud in touch with the world Internet user.
And even before the World Wide Web. I was a computer Word Program peep with modems and nothing else. And so for many years the tool bar has been a so-called member of this family in as always in the reasoning of being there without much fanfare and just being. Yes, being there…sort of like an old maiden aunt that you don’t see that often…Gosh, that sounds so awful, but I bet you do get the gist of what I am trying hard here to explain, correct?
TOOL BARS are more complicated than those aunts though!
How, you ask?
I know you really didn’t but if you did… here’s what “I would probably say”, I know that should have been what “I WOULD SAY”, Geez, I am so much more decisive than that sounded; sorry…I’M…