Friday, December 23, 2011


Word dissection time once again…but I do ‘believe’ that you will like this one!
Now take the word, ‘BELIEVE’, it is a wonderful word with a broad spectrum of meaning, such as: consider, think, suppose, deem, judge, accept as truth, trust, have faith in…WOW!
When we think about such things this is the one of those all encompassing self explanatory declarations of a remark that sells itself by the pure utterance of its sound, believe… say it with me, be---lieve, just the thoughts of its powers of what its intentions presume, hmm?
Smile when you say that partner!
Why to believe is of course to have faith in…what, why oneself, and the world and that all will turn out well and right and that life will not always be this crappy, Geez I almost said that sh-tty word! One has more of a cringe factor power than the other though, and so tis the season to not curse!
We all agree?
Right, right.

Being a believer in something anything is somewhat of a beginning to happiness, right?
Take it from me though, if you believe in yourself as a decent upstanding person and follow through with the concept that that entails all the other beliefs will follow!

Now, I just want to interject here that Best Buy has apologized to all its customers that have not been able to receive their ordered products on time for Christmas and will be following through with an appropriate course of action. And so they have taken the high road after a BIG Mistake, not necessarily of their doing, but their responsibility just the same. I believe in your judgment to correct what happened, Best Buy and our experiences with you in our recent past have been all good. When we needed a new hard drive a year ago November their Geek Squad gave us the information to be able to do it at a realistic price and with intellectual informative action on our DIY ability, or I should say Hubby’s! This year, about a month ago when we thought that we needed new TV antennae and found out the pixeling problem was more than likely an anomaly or weather related or a ghost and temporary and so we returned the antennae without any fanfare or problems and within days the reimbursement appeared as a credit on our account!
You Guys, Best Buy…you do what you know you can do so well… I believe in you!
As well as we all should since most of the time they are knowledgeable and priced right.

Any-who… moving on…
Believing as you can tell from above is a very personal thing, in that fact that we all chose who or what we care to believe in, hmm?
But I jest.
Most, especially at this time of the year, but it really should be all year long… believe in things, like miracles and stuff more powerful than that!
The Almighty comes to mind, and he/she has many names by many different people in this world, but whatever you call that one entity of your FAITH, you believe.
And we all know no one can touch that, since it is not tangible, but is somewhere deep in our hearts and souls and we just know.
That’s what everyone can agree on, it’s not something you can see smell hear or touch it just is…How wonderful is that?
But some don’t have that faith or belief and there is nothing wrong with that, since a true believer is accepting of all others, right?
You betcha!
So believe what is right and good and wholesome and for you.
Because as a being on this planet we should all have that ability and respect all others too…
Some say LOVE IS GOD, and well that could be true, personally I would like to BELIEVE that and what the heck, why don’t we all try it…or not…your choice!

On that reasoning of hope, love, happiness and belief, allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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