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Word dissection time once again…but I do ‘believe’ that you will like this one!
Now take the word, ‘BELIEVE’, it is a wonderful word with a broad spectrum of meaning, such as: consider, think, suppose, deem, judge, accept as truth, trust, have faith in…WOW!
When we think about such things this is the one of those all encompassing self explanatory declarations of a remark that sells itself by the pure utterance of its sound, believe… say it with me, be---lieve, just the thoughts of its powers of what its intentions presume, hmm?
Smile when you say that partner!
Why to believe is of course to have faith in…what, why oneself, and the world and that all will turn out well and right and that life will not always be this crappy, Geez I almost said that sh-tty word! One has more of a cringe factor power than the other though, and so tis the season to not curse!
We all agree?
Right, right.

Being a believer in something anything is somewhat of a beginning to happiness, right?
Take it from me t…