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Who would want to go back the way things were...

Do any of you recall a time in history that all was truly well?
No one went hungry, and everyone owned their own home or had a place that was within their budget and our economy was growing and our income along with it?
A time when our children loved to learn and were the best in the world in; especially math and science?
When there were cures for all major illnesses and that everyone had a doctor or a medical plan that was specific to their needs if they ever would need one and that was able to be paid for with little or no effort?
The air was pure, the seas unpolluted and the garbage was not causing toxicity and over cluttering?

Was there ever a time; do you recall?
When politicians spoke to us about what we wanted and needed and had precise plans that we could all understand and were written under one thousand pages of documentations?
When a dollar was actually backed by gold and was worth one hundred pennies?
And when we all had savings accounts for that rainy day?

Some may rememb…