Friday, September 23, 2011

Bad vibes cause bad economic times...

Have you ever banged your head against the wall when you knew someone you cared about was doing something so stupid and you knew that you could help them, but they just wouldn’t listen?
Oh sure you have, especially if you raised children into their teens and beyond!

Well, sometimes when you head up a family, company or nation people who asked you to do something to solve their problems just don’t want to do what you know should work without creating a whole magillah out of it, and so you are unable to get the job at hand done.

Every night I listen to the news and of course most of the day too, but this refers to more of the national news which being only on an antenna with a converter box, but of course, we get just nightly.
And it tears out my heart to hear the frustration of our elected officials from both houses, the speaker and all the way up to our president arguing constantly and not getting the job done for us Americans who really need for them to do something for us!
I feel like a child with parents on the verge of divorce. They definitely need a mediator at this point…maybe a counselor?
Saying that this is his/the president’s one and only time he had to fix twenty years of problems in less than four years and that this is his/the president’s last shot now he should go after only one term.
And I wouldn’t blame him to throw the towel in with all the infighting since no one in Washington, D.C. seems to want to play fair.
You don’t halt everything just because you have no idea how to fix it, since your cronies need to salvage their low tax base and not pay their fair share.
Think people, think!
We need a reason to feel we hired the right people to do the job, but so far you all look like you should all be one term-ers too!

The new prospects, in my opinion, are iffy at best and too un-wielding at the very least.
Flip/ floppers, foot in the mouth sayers, stupid severe conservatism, crazy prejudicial remarks and even at times going off the deep end with their commentary; I say slim pickings in this US of A world! SCARY!

But I am only on the outside looking in…

As a superior person than to me, once said, no one has eighteen months to wait for them, meaning our government, to keep battling it out how the job of jobs comes or about!
People need answers!
And I am a people too, and so I demand to know why it is taking so damn long to get this way too important aspect of daily life straightened out?
I am that child that once believed in one government for the people by the people or whatever we were taught oh so long ago…
It narrows down to this… we need each other and so sometimes the higher ups should just learn to listen to all their constituents not just their financial supporters, you see a vote when you get down to the nitty gritty is what really counts in the bigger picture, true?
And even the poorest of us got that!

Does anyone but me think that the reason that one of the many reasons that the Stock Market is so volatile is perhaps because we as a nation have not been standing together as one, and that does the quote, “United we stand; divided we fall” sound familiar to anyone, but me?

I get nauseas nightly with listening to the news reports of how our markets US and international seem to not know what to do either…maybe we could all try harder to think instead of argue. Just a thought, but that’s all I got.
Too much time on my hands…someone please I beg of you learn how to cooperate, huh?
We as a nation/world are depending on you with our fate in your hands!

On that not so funny but concerning bit of what’s going on today… allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you kindly to count your blessings and to share your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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