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Pure wetness without ulterior motives is rather nice...

Gosh that could sound slightly seductive or a wee bit sexy, but no it is a weather commentary…ha!

We are having a bit of rain here with no motives of destruction with its presence.
Refreshing as it should be; without any wrath.
Sorry, that it is not what I understand is still going on in the northeastern realm of our country.

Too much wet stuff is still causing negative and unnecessary roughness and way too much water in the form of flooding!

Sadly, the death toll has risen much to all our dismays. The most recent count was up to thirty who died before their time in their prime. They’re still five million without power and ten thousand flights had been cancelled and most airports have not gotten back up to speed with rescheduling as of this writing.

The only good that I have heard come from our northern brethren is that the heat wave has seemed to abate somewhat and without power at least now many can open their windows with temps in the sixties and seventies?

My younger cousin wrote …