Monday, August 29, 2011

Pure wetness without ulterior motives is rather nice...

Gosh that could sound slightly seductive or a wee bit sexy, but no it is a weather commentary…ha!

We are having a bit of rain here with no motives of destruction with its presence.
Refreshing as it should be; without any wrath.
Sorry, that it is not what I understand is still going on in the northeastern realm of our country.

Too much wet stuff is still causing negative and unnecessary roughness and way too much water in the form of flooding!

Sadly, the death toll has risen much to all our dismays. The most recent count was up to thirty who died before their time in their prime. They’re still five million without power and ten thousand flights had been cancelled and most airports have not gotten back up to speed with rescheduling as of this writing.

The only good that I have heard come from our northern brethren is that the heat wave has seemed to abate somewhat and without power at least now many can open their windows with temps in the sixties and seventies?

My younger cousin wrote on my Facebook page that although she is living in Brooklyn NY logistically it is impossible to get into Manhattan NYC to go to work with the subways not online yet and that her boss was not at all sympathetic and did open today even so. And so albeit not a matter of life and death but to be sure an economic concern that is more than likely shared by millions who did not suffer the extremes of the storm’s devastation…but need to make a living too!

Bits and pieces are coming in slowly of personal experiences.
Many know a person in the areas impacted by all that has/is still happening.
Small anecdotal snippets I am sure will be fascinating as time goes on over the next several days or weeks to us to relay to get a more up close and personal idea of what is going on…

Trivia for any of you, who might live under a rock, today was the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina!
It appears while looking back that the most destructive hurricanes in our recent history of late anyway did occur in August Andrew, Charley, and Katrina all devastating August hurricanes. And now by size alone, Irene, may very well go down into the history books too.

Daily we tell ourselves to be prepared in life for whatever we get thrown in life, but in truth we all procrastinate a little, don’t we?

Truth be told millions of us were scouts as children and we all memorized that motto to be prepared, but as adults many of us have forgotten and now we know that we should have remembered and swear that next time we will!
It does appear that many who did listen to the authorities in the long run are happy that they did. Being safe instead of sorry in these many cases have proven to be logical and cautious, although the ones with no evidence of their own problems will never realize how important that others heeding the advice was for them!

On that note of it could have been so much worse if people did not listen allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you to kindly count those blessings and pray for all those in the flood raging areas still dealing with the aftermath and share those overages of blessings because they really need you to… and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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