Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Let me explain… more of the legal ones that are doctor ($100 for initial office visit, $70 thereafter just ten dollars more than to see the nurse at the health department!) prescribed once more… that is.
I ask you who needs more, really.

This was my list before the doctor visit today:

Copaxone injections daily
Baclofen 10 MG, 7 tablets a day
Bayer Low Dose Aspirin, 81 MG 1X daily
Hydrochlorothzide 25MG 1X daily
Lisinopril 10 MG 1X daily
Simvastatin 40 MG 1X at bedtime
Centrum Silver 1X daily
Calcium 600 MG +D 1X daily
Pepcid Complete 2X daily
Systane drops as often as needed

And my new additions:

Steroid nasal spray ($30), topical pain medication ($40) and GERD medication (samples for 15 days, after that $136), also another was a strong pain medication, but I told them I already had tried that and it didn’t work and so I declined my need to filling that particular medication. If it all works… priceless! Otherwise I am up a creek without a paddle, oh and…
A script for more blood work a local lab, which I have yet to find out the cost of, but will tomorrow…
The horrid thing is that many think the worse of you when you don’t have insurance, but I always explain being pre-existing no one wanted me after Hubby was hurt on the job and then took an early retirement with all benefits, pension, Medicare and Other insurance and that I was left with nil. But at that time I was the needier one, but since then Hubby has proved to be a wee bit needy too and I must admit that I am relieved that he has his coverage now. I am also paying off surgeries, ambulance rides etc. monthly of a few hundred dollars and the truth is that I would much rather be paying a monthly health insurance premium, but even now we periodically try to shop for one and still the same thing, a no go for me.
If I lied I would probably get it, but as you all know I don’t do that.
Gosh the world is in a financial drain and so are individuals.
My biggest fear is that my illnesses will put us out on the street, but so far we have been lucky… I just hope that we will continue to be able to pay our own way.

If our government is having trouble that could mean we all will too… who knows… We all better start to learn to pray more often, HUH?
Some people believe so strongly that it works like that, and you gotta love that faith in them; I know I do.
The only problem with prayer in my mind is that it is usually a one way street, we more often than not are asking for something and the almighty never if ever asks anything of us; something to think about, huh?
I do think that counting our blessings like I suggest here nightly is not too bad an idea, since it helps us realize what we already have and then perhaps are less likely to request more stuff. I know most of us just want the bare necessities like food, a roof over our heads and wouldn’t it also be great to have our health too?
Gosh, that’s a bandwagon we should all get on… feed the world and make us all healthy!
But isn’t that what we as caring human beings try hard to do with different non-profit organizations, wow, we are all great!
And damn don’t we do the Almighty’s wishes daily when we do?
I am getting those warm fuzzies and when you stop to think about what’s good in this world you will too!
That’s a list I think we must all try hard to compile; just to reaffirm our belief in man/woman kind decency with the world in such turmoil its hard to remember when there are still more good things than bad with it all… it’s perspective and we must always try to remember that, what, you boldly ask?
The good in people. We know its there but sometimes we just have to look deeper.

And yep, these days I feel like a drug addict, but they are for my own good, ha!
Who would have thunk that at the jolly age of sixty-one I would be saying that, LOL?
Yes, things get sillier if you allow them to…

On that note of wondering, huh, allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you kindly to please count those blessings and to share all those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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