Friday, August 5, 2011

What's new with you?

With the possibility and the real feeling of trepidation of boring you I will mention that what is not new with me.
Same old, same old is what’s going on but a bit more unnerving today with my back going out.
It’s not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, heaven knows its happened before so many times to count and with each of those times my ability to walk has been difficult painful or impossible.
You see I do have Spondylosis too, which for laymen is degenerated spine disease, add in to that osteoporosis and a few other, five more, if I recall correctly, arthritic conditions and you’ve got so much torturous agony into the mix along my constant pal Multiple Sclerosis and you’re in for a fun for all!
But I do go on, don’t I?
Any-who, I am sure that my continuous growth of size without benefit of exercise these last couple of months has done nothing to change the tides of diminishing my abilities.
Not my choice, by the way, but with that last exacerbation and my still not feeling well enough to start that advantageous regime with as much gusto as I really need is changing me into a more horrid body form and sick-ling, I am sorry to reveal.
Sadly as most know I was quite an exercise Guru with all my background in all forms of exercise and so this is rather ironic in a very bad way.

As far as sleeping goes it has become a bigger problem than it had been for a while, between my sinuses and neck and headaches and add in all the rest... well it is just a disastrous outcome, and as knowledgeable as I am about exercise it is ridiculous that right now I am in no mood for any of it, mentally of physically, sorry to all you martyr’s out there who try harder no matter what! In my info on my profile page of Facebook I discuss being retired and kid about it and that actually that I am just real-tired and that has been true. My body, which we should all listen to is saying, NO, NO, NO, DON’T, DON’T, DON’T, and I am taking its wishes seriously; wouldn’t you?
And so you all know me, sometimes I do listen to that inner logical voice but not always, come on, you tell me who really does?
I couldn’t even walk over here with my walker.
Hubby had to roll me over on its seat, which says “not to be used as a transportation device!” oops he’s done it quite a few times today, but please don’t tattle on us, OK?
I hate to think that I would have to add into my arsenal of weaponry to the MS and arthritis wars a real wheel chair.
When I graduated from my cane to my first walker then to this fancy one with the seat and all and then my scooter that’s too big to work well in here for maneuverability; and me not being in the loop for a motorized chair at a comfortable price we can actually manage, not too many other choices around I suspect.
Besides with my iffy eyesight I would probably do major damage bumping into things and perhaps live things like people or pets, something’s to think about, huh? And so I suppose if need be a wheelchair may be next on my transportation mode list, gosh some of my many friends are already using… a wheelchair that is.

But sometimes this could all pass and we all know that things change and so whatever will be, will be, right?
I’m just saying it’s not unheard of to be prepared for anything; it is the way we are supposed to be. Although, none of us were prepared for these last few years economy were we?
SURPRISE, we thought it couldn’t get any worse and it did… NOT FUNNY!
Some days I must admit it is almost refreshing to have all these medical problems to keep me distracted from our money woes… which in reality are significantly affected by all of it.
Yes, I need another eye surgery, to repair the cataract surgery on my good left eye, and I will have to add it into my care credit account again since I just paid off the first surgery on that eye, and I am still paying off my oral surgery from last November, but gosh…
Somehow it all works out…when we try to do things, this time in a more realistic way, by piecemeal, and sure it does make things more manageable. That is why I won’t worry since it is all just wasteful energy, which to be honest I don’t have much of and I won’t think about it all…

And move on… allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you to kindly to count those blessings and to share those overages and we will too!

Next time please be here or be square, ya hear?

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