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What's new with you?

With the possibility and the real feeling of trepidation of boring you I will mention that what is not new with me.
Same old, same old is what’s going on but a bit more unnerving today with my back going out.
It’s not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, heaven knows its happened before so many times to count and with each of those times my ability to walk has been difficult painful or impossible.
You see I do have Spondylosis too, which for laymen is degenerated spine disease, add in to that osteoporosis and a few other, five more, if I recall correctly, arthritic conditions and you’ve got so much torturous agony into the mix along my constant pal Multiple Sclerosis and you’re in for a fun for all!
But I do go on, don’t I?
Any-who, I am sure that my continuous growth of size without benefit of exercise these last couple of months has done nothing to change the tides of diminishing my abilities.
Not my choice, by the way, but with that last exacerbation and my still not fee…