Monday, June 20, 2011

I got your back!

The world appears to be going to hell in a hand-basket!
She said what?
Yes, if every night you still hear how the bargain retail world (Wal-Mart) is still discounting women in the work force, and murders are a dime a dozen in our second safest city in Florida AKA Cape Coral! And when the heat is still killing us here without any rain in our near future forecast and it’s pouring where they’re still getting flooding; I would definitely say so!

Also in Cape Coral that is discussing cutting watering their lawns to only once a week, like the rest of us have been doing for years, due to the drought that we are all going through! Can their too obscene green lawns survive? Also Cape Coral did not have a clue where one million dollars worth of fuel for city vehicles went and so they performed an audit of the records; and do you know where all that fuel went? To lousy bookkeeping on archaic computer systems and the lack of just knowing how to file the proper paperwork! Uh oh, sounds like they need a grant to buy new smarter employees and state of the art equipment to make sure they can keep track…oops!

Tornadoes are still coming where they shouldn’t; like anywhere!
And funny, weird not humorous, hail the size of baseballs is falling also where it has no business being in June! A firefighter (Also Cape Coral) is committing domestic abuse, while he should be fighting fires instead! And I thought all firefighters were pyromaniacs/arsonists at heart, sorry; NOT FUNNY! (PS Hubby is a retired Fire Chief.)
Forest Fires are burning there and everywhere!

The Republican Party looks like the candidates for this next election could be posted on the show, “Americas Most Unwanted” list, and they are dropping off of it like flies with bad publicity. To the good I think… yes, in my book… better now than later; as we all know impeachment doesn't work!
“Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how did you enjoy the play?” Sounds like a plausible question these days, hmm?

All not kidding aside we have major problems that should be addressed, but by whom?

Do you have the answers?
Do I?
Well, I have a few possibilities or vague ideas… would you like to hear them, sorry I mean read them?
I can’t hear you! That’s because you would have to write what you want me to do… oh well … that never stopped me before…
So I’ll take that as a yes and continue.

Let’s take them in order of importance.
Murders, in the second safest city in Florida: drop Cape Coral to last place and then they might keep their bad news to themselves, OK? Now that that’s out of the way…but seriously folks why not just try to hire more police officers and have them stick to those neighborhoods where those nightly horrors have been happening! Problem solved.

Next: why logic doesn’t just take over: Wal-Mart, this is the year 2011, what are they crazy; you Ozark Hillbillies? (Now that that’s out of the way I feel so much better) Get with the program please, women won equality nearly two centuries ago, and now treat us that way! Equal pay for equal work! Gosh, I am all fired up and I don’t even work there!
Why was it shot down? Too many stories in the class action law suit and so get your act together why confuse all those legal superiority minds and see now, Goliath won?

Our drought, Native Americans founded this land and I know we have treated them horrifically, but we all know that they have the ability to make it rain, or was that just another white-man’s lie? I cannot tell our truths from our lies about that whole time period, got to get me a program I guess…
Any-who, I do know it’s not making millions from those Seminole Casinos that only you have the right to make big bucks from, after all from what we did to all of you, well not me and not really my ancestors since mine didn’t get here until the late 19th and early 20th Century, but all those other bad white people who brag about coming over on Columbus’s ship. And by the by they only held maybe four hundred people on each one that would make twelve hundred on all three, right?… Then why do I meet all these people who insist their families came over on them…hmm? You know the ones, right?
Anyway, it is the least we owe you and can do, but hasn’t a decent amount of time passed allowing for some forgiveness by now from you good people?

If not, just dance for me then, I love you crazy guys and gals with those retro-lavish be- feathered costumes, oh so much… and who knows in the process of that well choreographed all sizzling suggestive hot, hot, hot expressive gyrations we might get a bit of a drizzle with the tizzle? Now wouldn’t that just be too wonderful? Got your back… will tell the world… how great you all really are change that western image, huh? (Nothing was meant as an insult in any of this and this is my disclaimer of trying for pure silliness, and besides I am not well, so forgive me? No harm no foul, all right? But I do love everyone.)

Forest fires: solution: don’t smoke, don’t camp, in other words no campfires and prevent lightening with lightening rods, you hear me? Simplicity at its finest!

Tornadoes are scary and all I can say is that I have not experienced one first hand and so all I could think of that might work is having basements and safe rooms as part of all new dwelling construction and to install better early, LOUD, warning systems!

Now this last one is not lesser in importance why it is damn well very important might be one of those too important and covers the first and this other one too, got that?
The woman who was abused by that fire fighter her X, after one date if they are jealous or possessive or nasty or violent or even kid about insulting women as lesser beings than; then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

On those words to live by…let me be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you kindly to count all your blessings and ask you to share those overages and we will too!
And next time for my own selfish sake, please be here or be square, OK?

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