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I got your back!

The world appears to be going to hell in a hand-basket!
She said what?
Yes, if every night you still hear how the bargain retail world (Wal-Mart) is still discounting women in the work force, and murders are a dime a dozen in our second safest city in Florida AKA Cape Coral! And when the heat is still killing us here without any rain in our near future forecast and it’s pouring where they’re still getting flooding; I would definitely say so!

Also in Cape Coral that is discussing cutting watering their lawns to only once a week, like the rest of us have been doing for years, due to the drought that we are all going through! Can their too obscene green lawns survive? Also Cape Coral did not have a clue where one million dollars worth of fuel for city vehicles went and so they performed an audit of the records; and do you know where all that fuel went? To lousy bookkeeping on archaic computer systems and the lack of just knowing how to file the proper paperwork! Uh oh, sounds like they …