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T'was two days before Mom's Day and all of the states of these US...

Love is abounding with remembering the woman who gave us all our lives, who we called Mommy, Mom, or Mother.

Amazingly, all the love we spew is given as hers is or was unconditionally if we were lucky enough to have a Goddess for our matriarch of the home we grew up in.
Although, my memory appears to be fading since my Mom has been gone from this planet over twenty-nine years this past February 15th; but I must admit I still don’t forget the truth about our relationship.

From a young age I was a difficult child, strong willed and fresh with talking back and some even said extremely bright since I spoke like an adult at two, but devilish too, and at times it would not be farfetched to call me a ‘brat’, and others might have called me a very nasty nick name, Ptomaine Tobi and I wasn’t even a teen at this time! But Mom always loved me. Then unfortunately it was bumping heads in not agreeing with whatever I was told about anything and by the time I was twelve I was told if you don’t like …