Saturday, February 19, 2011


Organizations from any ills you can think of, to houses of worship have them to raise money for that particular cause and by rights of sheer decency and need they should all do well financially and have great turnouts!
On these fair-like occasions they usually consist of artsy type tents and food and beverage venders, as well as some type of music to add merriment of a type of ambiance to the festivities, correct?
And today we went to a Greek Festival locally; it is one that we have gone to for the last few years. The Greek food is great and the jewelry and artwork are also quite good too.
And they do provide the musicians with an enormous shaded tent to perform in that also doubles as a dinning room for the many guests buying the food from the outdoor vendors.
As I said we have been going to this particular one for maybe the last few years and for some reason this year the music seemed exceptionally loud. And since I am heat and sun sensitive we did find a table way in the back in that shaded tent to consume our lunches, but my head pounded heavily with the severely thunderous sound of this year’s music and I am a very big music lover and used to feel at times that louder was better, but this was way too much! And Hubby did agree.
We left after about three hours which is more than enough anyway.

Moving on…
And we went on to the next venue that we had on our docket for the day… Sam’s Warehouse Club and to try the car key that was mailed to us to see if we won a car!
Ha, you all say and you would be right of course but the two times Hubby took the key by himself he came home empty handed and this time he thought that I should try with his heartfelt encouragement. And so he handed the mailer to me and as we approached the tented area a women walked toward us and asked if we were there to buy a car and we said no we were there to try the key to see if we won a car! She asked to see the mailer and then ignored me and spoke to Hubby directly like I was chop-liver! But to be honest the mailer did have his name on it not mine, but he did hand it over to me saying maybe that I would have better luck! I hate when people ignore you just when she saw that I was no longer a viable driver; for that fact or for any other reason really!

Any-who, Hubby and I both thought they were there to sell new vehicles, but found out quickly they were all used. And so we decided to try the key anyway and of course… wait for it… YEP, YOU WERE ALL RIGHT and no we did not win any autos new or used. But the woman at the table seemed to think that we wanted their lottery tickets that were NOT state tickets and that you must fill out the whole back with your personal info before you scratched them off and so Hubby and I decided to not take them and left.

Let’s put it this way it was something to do and the weather here was the bragging rights type low eighties and low humidity.
To keep me cool today I did wear my Copaxone advertising in electric blue colored neck cooler, which is a tube like fabric with beads that absorb cold water and retain it and I also stuck a cool pack in my bra too, ooops, did I say that? LOL!
Don’t we all say whatever works?
I also of course had my bottle of water with a spare in the car.
All in all it was a day to be outside in the glorious weather and who can complain about that?
The reason I thought this was going to be a more humorous blog tonight is because I recently saw a commercial for another important festival coming up soon on Pine Island and the name of it threw me into a silly dither since they chose to name it… now hold on… wait for it… THE BREAST FEST! Clever and sort of ridiculous at the same time, huh?
Is it just me or have we all gone crazy with the way we market fundraising for important diseases like breast cancer? I could be wrong because it did make me laugh perhaps I am the irreverent one I certainly have shown latent tendencies before, huh?

On that more revealing of me than I probably should have done please allow me to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you kindly to count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time be here or be square, ya hear!

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