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Organizations from any ills you can think of, to houses of worship have them to raise money for that particular cause and by rights of sheer decency and need they should all do well financially and have great turnouts!
On these fair-like occasions they usually consist of artsy type tents and food and beverage venders, as well as some type of music to add merriment of a type of ambiance to the festivities, correct?
And today we went to a Greek Festival locally; it is one that we have gone to for the last few years. The Greek food is great and the jewelry and artwork are also quite good too.
And they do provide the musicians with an enormous shaded tent to perform in that also doubles as a dinning room for the many guests buying the food from the outdoor vendors.
As I said we have been going to this particular one for maybe the last few years and for some reason this year the music seemed exceptionally loud. And since I am heat and sun sensitive we did find a table way in the back in th…