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That’s not entirely correct, actually it is my thousand and first entry of Blog postings.
Who would have thunk it that I could have such stick-to-it-ness, not me; that’s for sure!
But I must admit that I am proud of this particular accomplishment in this, the wonder word wars, and all I really wanted to know is if I won anything yet, did I?

Nah, as I have said before I do this purely out of love of reading my own crap up online and of course informing the public with pure and concise information! LOL! If you believe that one I have a brick that would make a great condo? Kidding.

But something interesting tonight occurred on the evening news, and that’s not to say that interesting things don’t occur every night, because they usually do, but…

Supposedly Sarah Palin, X- Alaska governor, currently TV host and author, was taking issue with the fact that John Boehner the new Speaker of the House seems to be able to get away without nasty comments about his public crying bouts and if it were…