Friday, December 17, 2010


That’s not entirely correct, actually it is my thousand and first entry of Blog postings.
Who would have thunk it that I could have such stick-to-it-ness, not me; that’s for sure!
But I must admit that I am proud of this particular accomplishment in this, the wonder word wars, and all I really wanted to know is if I won anything yet, did I?

Nah, as I have said before I do this purely out of love of reading my own crap up online and of course informing the public with pure and concise information! LOL! If you believe that one I have a brick that would make a great condo? Kidding.

But something interesting tonight occurred on the evening news, and that’s not to say that interesting things don’t occur every night, because they usually do, but…

Supposedly Sarah Palin, X- Alaska governor, currently TV host and author, was taking issue with the fact that John Boehner the new Speaker of the House seems to be able to get away without nasty comments about his public crying bouts and if it were her that she would definitely be part of that old double standard and it would be widely discussed negatively!

Now I don’t really think this is possible but I wrote about that just a few days ago and I hmmm wonder could she be reading this drivel that I lovingly call my own opinionated hogwash.

Perhaps she picked up on me when I was briefly discussing her daughter Bristol’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars and my wonderment at her not getting kicked off due to no talent? Although, I must admit towards the end, her technical ability did improve considerably, but other’s that were kicked off earlier had much more ability, technical, musicality and show presence. So we all know that the ‘TEA PARTY’ must have voted often.
Hmmm, I wonder?

I guess one could Google her lovely daughter’s name and see who was talking about her; I am sure that might be possible, huh?

Oh well, who am I to care if she reads this and perhaps her Tea Party friends might too!
Well, I say ‘the more the merrier’, so there! (I just stuck out my adult tongue once again!)
Shame on me I hear you all saying, well this is my medium so there…I say!

Any-who, I do believe that freedom of the press is legal here in these our US of A, and I am writing this in the US of A, so that could mean me, correct?
Although, I more often than not touch these keyboard keys lightly and there is no pressing involved in any of this publishing, OK?
Accuracy is of the utmost importance when explaining things to your public domain at large.
And so on that note of utter ridiculousness I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all ask you to count those blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time be here please or be square, OK?

PS And Sarah Palin, if I may call you Sarah Palin, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts that are so similar to mine it’s uncanny and to be honest a wee bit scary; and for the fact that when you can get into where I can’t seem to get into to tell everyone your opinion, although I have been trying for a very long time since I am much older than you, got that, GF? I am just wondering about that double standard thing, should I have been an X-Governor not an X-co-president of an Arthritis Support Group and board member of the foundation, Aquacize instructor, fund raiser etc… but that’s my cross to bear, not yours GF, and so in closing, please know that there are no hard feelings about the fact that you have been stealing my ideas.
I suppose coming up with new ones are hard for you, and I do understand; that’s all I am saying. No harm no foul.

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