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Conventional wisdom is to keep private things that you are concerned with becoming a problem when exposed private, correct?
Most of us have a few things in our lives which we know may not be ordinary and could even be considered controversial.

Lately many celebrities have come around and out about the fact that they had suffered a miscarriage or even a few.
Sadly this topic had been considered taboo for way too long.
Lisa Ling: copy and paste her site below: has started a web page for women who have these so-called sensitive secrets that seem to have touched many but that we as a gender have been told not to discuss in public.

Honestly it took me a few days to come to my own personal conclusion to bring up this particular topic which happened so long ago and at the time I felt was swept under the rug as if I did something wrong, which I did not.

I had three miscarriages in total, one two years after my first…