Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you know what I like?♫♫♫♫ Besides all music?

I like people writing to me from all over the world!
I have friends in all different countries, and I just answered a ‘message’ from one of them in New Zealand!
How cool is that?
From where I am in southwest Florida, she, my new FB friend is sixteen hours time difference away down under, and so it is going on ten A.M. there, tomorrow!
Yep, I think that’s right, right?

You know what else is so totally cool about all this is the fact that everyone has different religious and political views and all on this thing called, ‘Facebook’ we can all be friends, business partners or at the very least network and learn from one another.
It’s amazing don’t you think?

Oh I do believe my open mindedness has expanded just from being involved in the idea of allowing all types of people into my heart and soul of personal information.
Be it my personal bio, which is true, although in a few parts it is a wee bit silly!
Or the link I provide for everyone to read this Blog nightly that tells it all, don't you think?
I have proven that I am an open book with little or no secrets to speak of… and that’s no understatement!

I have asked, complained, cajoled, applauded and insulted others at my whim.
Sadly, I have created a forum for myself where I must learn to use more tact I suspect, but my same ole same ole excuse is that my filter is broken!
Truth can be a dirty word for some, especially when some believe it is slanted, but as we all know that is a matter of opinion, wow is that redundant or what?

The best part about writing a Blog is not having to answer to anyone but one’s self.
And if lucky enough to hear back from others with comments that either agree or refute what you may have said.

My followers on this alone are from a few states and countries, and amazingly all speak English too.

Sometimes I wonder why we here in America wait so long to teach foreign languages to our children. I was in eight grade before I was offered a smidgen of a language and it was Spanish, which I enjoyed, but when I started high school I wanted desperately to study French since my father had spoken it to me as a child since he had taken it, and no he was not French. And so I did take French but apparently my French teacher did not like my pronunciation and yelled at me, and one year was all I took. So Spanish was my next choice, since I had shown an aptitude for it in that short period I took it in eighth grade and sure enough I was good at it. Good enough that when I was in my second year, a sophomore, I had a senior boy asking me to help him with it; the teacher began calling him ‘El Lobo’, the wolf, and yes he was my boyfriend that year. Be it mostly by phone since I wasn’t allowed to go out in a car at that age, and so we mostly talked on the phone…Besides he had broken up with his girlfriend who he eventually went back to, everyone warned me, but who listens at that age of fifteen?
When we went away the summer before I had a new boyfriend that was a waiter at the hotel we stayed at, and he was Australian, and looked just like a Beatle with his hair, and of course the British accent, which I couldn’t tell in those days the difference between a UK and Aussie one. It wasn’t until I was nineteen in college that I got to travel to Europe.
I was lucky at fifteen to travel across the US and visit forty states with my family, and by the age of ten, I had been to Canada and Niagara Falls. Going to LIM in New York City was not that big a deal since I grew up fifteen minutes from the George Washington Bridge in Bergen County, NJ.
Travel makes everyone realize how small the world really is; and teaches others to be more accepting of people’s differences; so all I can say I was very fortunate.
My dear friend in New Zealand was saying she would love to travel to Disneyland and the rest of the US. And she made me realize how lucky I really am since I have been there and to Disney World both Universals, Sea Worlds too, all three Busch Gardens, Sun Valley, Squaw Valley, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Mount Rushmore, you name it and when it comes to the forty eight contiguous states there is more than a fifty/fifty chance that I have been there.

So at this age being so unable to think about going here or there I am very happy I did.
Hubby though was not as fortunate and he still yearns to go here and there.
I would like to go to New Orleans, where I have not been.
We were supposed to go when 9/11 happened and so we did not, and then this or that happened; first us being hit by Hurricane Charley and then them being hit with Katrina, then the oil spill.
This February is our fortieth anniversary and Mardi Gras is around that time of year, and so I thought wouldn’t that be great, but we must save our pennies and pray no more emergencies happen.

On that thoughtful note of looking forward I will wish you all a very happy good night and to all count those blessings and we will too!

And you all meet me back here at this same place next time, ya hear?

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