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Do you know what I like?♫♫♫♫ Besides all music?

I like people writing to me from all over the world!
I have friends in all different countries, and I just answered a ‘message’ from one of them in New Zealand!
How cool is that?
From where I am in southwest Florida, she, my new FB friend is sixteen hours time difference away down under, and so it is going on ten A.M. there, tomorrow!
Yep, I think that’s right, right?

You know what else is so totally cool about all this is the fact that everyone has different religious and political views and all on this thing called, ‘Facebook’ we can all be friends, business partners or at the very least network and learn from one another.
It’s amazing don’t you think?

Oh I do believe my open mindedness has expanded just from being involved in the idea of allowing all types of people into my heart and soul of personal information.
Be it my personal bio, which is true, although in a few parts it is a wee bit silly!
Or the link I provide for everyone to read this Blog nightly that tells it all, don…