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Renew, re-vanquish… redo… renown…rebuild…

How many do-overs does one get in life?

I hope my cat-like existence has not used up hers.

Last night was a sad reminder of my own vulnerability.

And sadly an embarrassment to me and to any and all who felt that it was a waste of time for them to read about me in that nasty climate.

Many thanks go out to those who responded with loving concern at my own selfish self indulgent childish behavior, and you know who you are.

My only redeemable answer to that hopefully forgettable incident is that I too am very human with the frailties that we all exhibit occasionally.

I have been called tough as nails by some.

The word that rhymes with witch by others, but very rarely non capable to deal with the harsh realities of life’s curves that tests ones’ resolve.

I have always been the one that takes the bull by the horns whenever a problem arises, not the one that folds and leaves the play-yard.

As you may have guessed by now that I am angry at myself for …