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Good late evening folks!

While I sit here with my glass of Chardonnay I feel very happy since Hubby and me in spite of a nasty downpour and heat indexes climbing into the triple digits we had what most would consider a more than lovely evening.
Why you ask? Well you know me I will definitely tell you and try hard to not leave anything out!
Being somewhat of a shut in but I do get out when Hubby takes me, really whether he wants to or not some days…
Having old friends over are a true delight, a highlight and a wonderful causal affect from having good choices made with my decisions on who to have as company creating happiness!
What did I say?
Any-who I do enjoy seeing people that I have not seen in quite some time, now, does that make sense?
Catching up and meeting one new person in the small select group was very enlightening and proved to be a great idea in the long run.
Since over the past few years and months I must admit not all of mine have worked out as well as this did I think, but I could be bias.