Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good late evening folks!

While I sit here with my glass of Chardonnay I feel very happy since Hubby and me in spite of a nasty downpour and heat indexes climbing into the triple digits we had what most would consider a more than lovely evening.
Why you ask? Well you know me I will definitely tell you and try hard to not leave anything out!
Being somewhat of a shut in but I do get out when Hubby takes me, really whether he wants to or not some days…
Having old friends over are a true delight, a highlight and a wonderful causal affect from having good choices made with my decisions on who to have as company creating happiness!
What did I say?
Any-who I do enjoy seeing people that I have not seen in quite some time, now, does that make sense?
Catching up and meeting one new person in the small select group was very enlightening and proved to be a great idea in the long run.
Since over the past few years and months I must admit not all of mine have worked out as well as this did I think, but I could be bias.
Hubby surprised me with an early birthday cake and all did appear to like it.
Dinner too had been planned by me but executed by him, and I must add down to perfection without so much as a glitch that I noticed.
But then again I was being in my glory of animated conversation and not watching him going through all the motions of working hard to create his effortless performance of waiting on us all and serving the food too. What a guy… do I appreciate him enough; I guess I really should tell him more often. How dare I gush… after all he may get conceited, they do have that ability more so than us of the female persuasion… We never ever seem to have their confidence at least…me.

These gals were all on the top of their games too.
Marvelous interesting tidbits of stories from their past and present lives…
Gosh I need to do a lot more living! What an inspiration.
It’s so nice to see the good side of people and for them to blatantly expel it in my presence!
Not only did they have amusing anecdotal tales to tell they even helped Hubby with everything!
Boy, did I step in it, as they say… what fun people with good hearts also.
Two of the women are currently involved in working with people less fortunate than themselves.
One as a caregiver although just recuperating from her own serious back surgery and the other feeds the poor through all her church work in a few different branches of her ministries.
Nice to know, that even with many problems of their own physical and emotional in some cases, actually we all suffer from different ranges of the blues, but with all that’s going on in the world let’s face it who doesn’t?
All of us tried hard from the beginning to keep the conversations upbeat and on the whole I think we all pretty much succeeded.
We served ribs and chicken, roasted potatoes and salad and my birthday cake!
And they all brought music, flowers, nuts, wine and their wide open hearts.
They came by twos and left the same way, but somehow I think we each touched each other in a way that none of us had had in quite some time, with the commonality of acceptance and understanding, and hopefully with that a bit of each of us, a piece of our souls went home with the other.

None of you know this but the joy you brought to our home even if you never return was more than any of you will ever know.
But please come back and each time I promise to be just as thrilled with every time upon each new arrival.
Not Skipper crazy happy but very welcoming and just plain good old fashioned happy to see you!

And so on that shameless desire for more company I will bid you all a very good night and to all count those blessing and we will too!

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