Friday, June 18, 2010

Dead Zone, Watergate, Waterloo, what's next?

Methane gas that nasty lethal stuff that killed the miners in West Virginia is now one of the possibilities emanating from the leaking well five thousand miles down in the Gulf of Mexico which could be responsible for creating a, ‘Dead Zone’! Here’s the commentary, just copy and paste:

This my friends is astonishing and more frightening than any other imagined bogyman, horrors or what-have-you!

Not trying to be facetious, but racking my less than capable brain for any ideas to help come up with ways to resolve this problem. Perhaps, Stephen King who wrote a book with that title Dead Zone circa 1979, but had nothing to do with water masses but with a dead zone in the human brain caused by an accident, and how the victim becomes psychic from it. Now I am not saying that our massive Gulf of Mexico’s oil leaking killing off of all wildlife and our delicate ecosystem is anything similar to that, but go with me here… This man, Stephen King, has an enormous imagination and ability to see way beyond any box… and perhaps that could have a bearing on how to solve this problem, and it’s a plus he has a home on the Gulf Coast right here in southwest Florida!

Is this a euphemism of our latest Watergate, nothing personal Mr. President or our government’s version of their Battle of Waterloo, which ironically was fought today June 18th, but in 1815 in Belgium? Sorry, just trying to find water named devastating events in history but looked at through a different prospective that puts this all into some type of format, but there is nothing that even comes close, not even the Exxon Valdez … not anymore, this is horribly much, much worse! Katrina, tsunami, yes, but much worse historically to date and oh so horrendously devastating disaster caused by nature and later the slowness of man to react, and nothing compares with them, but next on the list would have to be this unforeseen incredible future of what this disaster and sadly all manmade, which means that it most likely could have been prevented will cost our world in the long run in all of our futures!

Hubby and I were in our stay at home creative mode today. We are both involved in mild or small crafty work. I decoupage a sign for a snake crossing for our yard with a clip art picture of a black snake actually the decoupage, and my wooden letters spelling out X-ING also in black, on a two sided plaque of cedar painted white. We love our black racer snakes they are a wonderful addition to any garden for natural rodent control.
The other two signs were just black arrows on yellow plaques showing which way to go on the diamond boardwalk split around the Tangelo tree down to the dock just really a comical way to enjoy our yard, and who knows someday I could forget! LOL, I could tell you such stories of what I have already forgotten! And the pool also called me for over an hour and a half today!

Any-who, Life goes on here as usual, and no we have not had any signs or symptoms of the oil leak here yet, and the locals, the professionals in that arena state we should not, due to that loop current. Although, we are preparing like all of our neighbors who live on the southwest coast here; booms are eventually or I should say if it proves necessary will be placed at the mouth of our Charlotte Harbor, a five minute by boatride from our canal, and hopefully aid in preventing any infiltration, but as we have been seeing up many hundreds of miles north of here that has not been successful! I do worry, but what can one do at this point?
If we all knew that we would have the problem fixed I would think!

On that sad note I will still wish you all a very good night, and please count all of your blessings and we will too!

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