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Dead Zone, Watergate, Waterloo, what's next?

Methane gas that nasty lethal stuff that killed the miners in West Virginia is now one of the possibilities emanating from the leaking well five thousand miles down in the Gulf of Mexico which could be responsible for creating a, ‘Dead Zone’! Here’s the commentary, just copy and paste:

This my friends is astonishing and more frightening than any other imagined bogyman, horrors or what-have-you!

Not trying to be facetious, but racking my less than capable brain for any ideas to help come up with ways to resolve this problem. Perhaps, Stephen King who wrote a book with that title Dead Zone circa 1979, but had nothing to do with water masses but with a dead zone in the human brain caused by an accident, and how the victim becomes psychic from it. Now I am not saying that our massive Gulf of Mexico’s oil leaking killing off of all wildlife and our delicate ecosystem is anything similar to that, but go with me here… This m…