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Ooops I goofed!

Haven’t we all at one time also goofed?
And yes this is mine, mine to own.
I thought that I was really all better, but unfortunately it was not the case!
Going to sleep at about elevenish last night, after the Tony’s, weren’t they great? (That was rhetorical folks! We all know how could they not be with free Broadway snippets?)

Any-who, but by twelve thirty A.M. my body awoke me viciously and violently with a great big hardy har, har, har it screamed at my nerves, muscles and bones, and me too!
So you thought this was all over, huh?

No sorry, not quite yet, not now, not nearly over you nasty woman who thinks that MS is a singularly yearly or bi-yearly ripping at your moral fiber event, no not for you…it said to me blatantly haranguing me and went on…
Now I will come to steal more often of what you think are normal abilities shredding the nerves that keep you running smoothly I will sort circuit your life and breath in my own timetable not when you are free for all!
You will not be awa…