Monday, June 14, 2010

Ooops I goofed!

Haven’t we all at one time also goofed?
And yes this is mine, mine to own.
I thought that I was really all better, but unfortunately it was not the case!
Going to sleep at about elevenish last night, after the Tony’s, weren’t they great? (That was rhetorical folks! We all know how could they not be with free Broadway snippets?)

Any-who, but by twelve thirty A.M. my body awoke me viciously and violently with a great big hardy har, har, har it screamed at my nerves, muscles and bones, and me too!
So you thought this was all over, huh?

No sorry, not quite yet, not now, not nearly over you nasty woman who thinks that MS is a singularly yearly or bi-yearly ripping at your moral fiber event, no not for you…it said to me blatantly haranguing me and went on…
Now I will come to steal more often of what you think are normal abilities shredding the nerves that keep you running smoothly I will sort circuit your life and breath in my own timetable not when you are free for all!
You will not be aware of when or where this will occur, but more frequency seems to be how I will attack and you can enjoy the waiting and freedom of not knowing when that will be!

Logically, I called my neurologist, wouldn’t you, and asked for some help, since I am still waiting on the approval of the medication, Copaxone that is supposed to prevent these relapses to occur as often or possibly never ever again, who knows? All I have is hopeful wishes of that.
She asked me if I was interested in the 1000 MG IV’s of Solu-Medrol again as an out patient and I asked about the step down prednisone and we agreed on that, since cost is still the issue with me. The step down steroids were the cheapest and known to be effective. And so today I started that, you start with eight pills at 10MG and then seven and on and on until the pills are all gone and by then you should feel all better!

Let me explain something to my readership, OK?
I have been noticing a short circuit in my writing too, brain induced. I know you are all asking now if I am sure. About having one, yeah I guess I might, LOL!
Missing prepositions have been rampant for years but now for some reason so are whole words, for that I apologize, but it seems this is par for the course since Multiple Sclerosis does affect your cognitive ability thus writing is connected to that for me.
And prior to my voracious writing desires and prolific production of these said works I was just a hack writer previously with a need to put pen to paper or in this case keyboard Arabic’s fonts to screen. And so I do hope that someone will give me leeway in this genre I have chosen for my drivelous (A Tobism again), attempts at put word to word in an order of understanding, wish us good luck with our future journeys together.
Oddly enough I was a late bloomer, oh yeah I did write my first play at twelve in seventh grade and got an A, a little ditty called Sweet Job about a candy store robbery.
And then when our sons were young I wrote letters to the editor to the newspapers that did publish them, and to my son’s silly poems. I had taken journalism in college, did again receive A’s and was told I had potential but never really utilized it accept for writing radio commercials for our businesses over the years, greeting cards for friends and relatives and the like.
Until I became a bum wrote my own scripts for fashion shows, went to a workshop for creative writing and loved it!
But had written five novellas by then that were in heavy need of editing and still till this very day, most edits were lost on crashing computers and lost discs due to hurricanes or oldness of my technologies.
And so my loyalty to this medium is perhaps due to the fact that online it may never be lost? And who in their right somewhat sane mind wouldn’t care to leave someone anyone a legacy?
Well, this is mine…
No grandkids yet and one estranged son but I still want them to know what was happening before and after I met them, which I do hope will be someday in all our near futures.
Because in reality who knows how much time any of us have?

So on that note of what the heck is she talking about, oh yeah rambling appears to part of my MS too! LOL, actually I really don’t know but I’ll take it!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS My heart and wishes are with you Mr. President you will resolve this problem too! I have faith in you sir!

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