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Freedom of speech...YEA!

I am an American!
And I do believe in the freedom of speech!

But I thought the way it was written in the Bill of Rights as it being in the first amendment of the Constitution that if you insight to riot, then you lose that right?
At that time it referred to yelling fire in a crowded theater, but today wouldn’t it go further to create an atmosphere also to anger a mob or group of people that causes an environment which makes them feel the need to commit violent acts?

Come on people is it not true that all the negativity being spewed about this administration decisions are harmful to all Americans to some degree?

It is disturbing to me and many others that the threats of harm to people voting as they feel in their hearts for what they truly believe in to be helpful to others this should not cause them to be fearful of having an opinion. Too many do not agree.

Constitutionally we are all reading into the actual wordings with our own slants at times; don’t you agree?
Many interpretations …