Saturday, March 27, 2010

Freedom of speech...YEA!

I am an American!
And I do believe in the freedom of speech!

But I thought the way it was written in the Bill of Rights as it being in the first amendment of the Constitution that if you insight to riot, then you lose that right?
At that time it referred to yelling fire in a crowded theater, but today wouldn’t it go further to create an atmosphere also to anger a mob or group of people that causes an environment which makes them feel the need to commit violent acts?

Come on people is it not true that all the negativity being spewed about this administration decisions are harmful to all Americans to some degree?

It is disturbing to me and many others that the threats of harm to people voting as they feel in their hearts for what they truly believe in to be helpful to others this should not cause them to be fearful of having an opinion. Too many do not agree.

Constitutionally we are all reading into the actual wordings with our own slants at times; don’t you agree?
Many interpretations are how we see what our forefathers were actually trying to say and to pass that down to us.

Some believe that the way they read those documents are the only way, and I must admit people do also have reasoning to go on with reading the Holy Bible in any edition. I cannot speak for other faiths only the Judo-Christianity ones that I am mostly familiar with.
But gosh over the years I have been shocked in what people think all those stories told really meant.
And so has the way people paraphrasing of our official papers stating how to run this fine country that we are lucky enough to live in.
Sadly, I bet the authors of those documents would be horrified of what we think they were telling us to do.

As an American I bet you know it is also OK to disagree with people about those aspects of interpretations, our differences from what you believed to be the case?
I know right now you are thinking WHOA… Tobi why so vague in what you are trying to say?
All right then I happen to disagree with many people who think they are right, and voice their opinions with full media coverage unlike my one dimensional shouting from this venue, unfair and not loud enough for all to hear!

In three months, children of pre-existing illnesses will benefit better from this new healthcare bill, which is good, but personally I will not since it will not be going into effect until 2014 for adults with pre-existing.

Contrary to many uninformed people not all uninsured are poor. I personally only do not have health insurance because I am pre-existing, and I have said this before way too many times to remember that I would much prefer to be paying off premiums rather than paying off my hospital bills and surgeries, which I am doing right now and that would be the same price as all those premiums! It does seem ridiculous to me that people think it is welfare. I suppose those are the same ones who currently receive Social Security and Medicare? Surprise so does my Hubby receive them, but not me! I am missing like two or three credits for disability, and I am too young for Medicare and our INCOME IS TOO MUCH for Medicaid! Hello fellow Americans, wake up and learn all the facts before assuming!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

PS Bro-in-law if you are so well-off why are you still working your butt off…; living above your means, are you? Hubby retired nearly four years ago due to his injury and we were smart enough to scale down twelve years ago due to my illness so we are financially capable of paying our bills without having to work a few jobs like you and have enough, since physically we are unable to anyway! So stop bragging about all you have; its getting old and very annoying, and a wee bit mean too!

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