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The boardwalk is complete!

Yes, in spite of visitors, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, tour guiding, entertaining etc., etc. the BOARDWALK is fini! I gave it a test drive today and it works well even with me in my mobility scooter could not crack or destroy the cedar fencing that was a gift from our neighbor before he left his home to turn it over to the bank.

The young fellow who unfortunately lost his home but gave us the fence before the bank took it over was thanking Hubby for helping him get his captain’s license and all the freebies Hubby did for him when he was learning to navigate the local waters. The most important one is docking the large fishing schooner that he had gotten the job to remove from the harbor, at about sixty-five feet long the ship was and Hubby took over the wheel for him to set in its permanent location on the islands. It became his business and career.

I had also given him my workbook for a while on Grant Writing, a CEU course I had, had as a volunteer, and so in his generosi…