Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The boardwalk is complete!

Yes, in spite of visitors, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, tour guiding, entertaining etc., etc. the BOARDWALK is fini! I gave it a test drive today and it works well even with me in my mobility scooter could not crack or destroy the cedar fencing that was a gift from our neighbor before he left his home to turn it over to the bank.

The young fellow who unfortunately lost his home but gave us the fence before the bank took it over was thanking Hubby for helping him get his captain’s license and all the freebies Hubby did for him when he was learning to navigate the local waters. The most important one is docking the large fishing schooner that he had gotten the job to remove from the harbor, at about sixty-five feet long the ship was and Hubby took over the wheel for him to set in its permanent location on the islands. It became his business and career.

I had also given him my workbook for a while on Grant Writing, a CEU course I had, had as a volunteer, and so in his generosity he had given me an enormous conch shell as a gift too.
I do hope that he is doing well since he moved out of the county. For a while we would hear from him fairly regularly, but not lately, no news is good news, right?
He was a nice young man, younger than our sons, and that fence of his has gone a long way in its reuse around here! Besides the privacy fence on the empty lot side, the boardwalk of recent, it was responsible for Hubby making the wood valances in our sunroom, but I painted them! We even have my sign that I made that says relax, which oddly enough we try not to do! I suppose I do relax more than Hubby. But honestly I would prefer to be busy so I do comb the paper, magazines and listen well to the news to find out what is going on, plus watching those how-to shows to get additional ideas.

We found out that our elderly neighbor will be given a memorial tomorrow, ten days after he died, at the local Eagle’s building where he was a member. In lieu of flowers his family has requested a donation to them, which I mailed out today, not a lot but what we could afford since we are not wealthy, wish it could be more.

Hubby and I discussed going but decided not to, since we rarely do go to funerals, and it’s mostly people we don’t know going to this one, and too much food, and never knowing if it’s a happy go lucky remembering the good times in the dearly departed’s life or a boo hoo in the beer sort of thing.

Sadly, these things are more for the left behind family not as much to remember the family member who has just passed that has unfortunately been my experience. Don’t get me wrong the survivors do need bucking up at this time, but if the person who passed was older or even younger and suffering severely don’t they believe that the almighty had a hand in taking the pain away from that loved one’s misery?
Does that sound cold?
I just know that if I become the shell of myself, literally like this very wonderful gentleman did with failing kidneys, congestive heart failure several times in the last year and stroke to boot, even in my early eighties I would be ready to say goodbye!
Enough is enough, don’t you all think? How much can a body take?
What a difficult topic, death and illness, and this is a person who had insurance and had been hospitalized, not much they could do anymore I imagine and so to him I wish him a peaceful transition into whatever he believes in after life, enjoy the trip friend and neighbor you will sorely be missed…farewell!

Good night to all and to all count those blessings and we will too!

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