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Shear entertainment, and more...

Yes, that’s what I said, but what could I possibly mean you ask?
But of course, hair cuts today all around!
That’s what I meant, actually Hubby went for his shearing a few days ago, but Skipper and I went today for ours…and he looks just marvelous folks as always.
He hadn’t been this styled out since December, since we have cut-back, get the pun; on how often he goes due to financial cost effectiveness, of cost we did…dud, dah, dum..
In my case though it had been much, much longer and my mopped head showed that caring for it was way too shabby in intent, and lacked concern or interest at all.
Today was errands day and so we went to one of our favorite healthy food places, and the woman across from us had a really cute hair-do, and I asked if it was called, like years ago, the wedge, of Dorothy Hammill fame?
She said she wasn’t sure, but she just came down from New York and that is where she had it done. My heart sunk a wee bit, it was so adorable and she was a large woman too and it d…